Gender Wellness Program

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Gender Wellness Program

Caring Gender Identity Support & Treatment

A teen smiling about the help our Gender Wellness Program offers.

Exploring gender and sexuality is part of every child’s development. For some kids and teens, their gender assigned at birth doesn’t match the gender that feels most comfortable to them. This can make young people feel isolated, unsupported and rejected. They may also experience depression, anxiety, bullying, and other physical and emotional issues. At the Nemours Gender Wellness Program, we take a gender-affirmative approach — that just means we fully accept our patients. And we recognize the challenges your family may face with understanding and adjusting. We’re here to answer your questions and support your family throughout your journey.

Services We Offer

Services We Offer

Following the most up-to-date guidelines, we offer a wide range of services for kids and teens who are looking for help with their gender identity development and/or transition. We work closely together as a large, experienced team to give your child both medical and psychological care that meets their specific needs:

  • Endocrinology. Our hormone and growth doctor can help your child make a medical transition to the desired gender. This may include helping them understand how to take medications to pause puberty or hormones to cause physical changes. We help you understand what to expect at every step.
  • General Pediatric Care. Our pediatrician supports young children (before puberty) and their families. We also work with older teens and young adults as they prepare to move on to adult health care.
  • Gynecology. Our reproductive health specialist educates patients and their families about current and future reproductive health. This includes information about recommended cancer screenings and vaccination, anatomy, and relationships. We can also discuss options for improving or stopping periods if desired. Future family-building and fertility preservation options will also be addressed. An exam is rarely necessary. 
  • Psychology. Our Psychologist work with your family and your child’s current therapist to provide support. We address any emotional issues with coming out, bullying, family and peer relationships, and social stigma. We also can identify and treat mental health conditions like anxiety and depression.
  • Social Work. Our social worker works closely with our team, especially psychology, to support your family. We also connect you to resources close to home and help you work with the health care system throughout the process.
What to Expect

What to Expect

You may call us at (302) 651-6590. Your call will be received by our Complex Scheduling Department. Specialists will ask some brief questions then help coordinate appointments and determine which team members you should start with. 

While waiting for your appointment we suggest you get connected to mental health support.

Each team member will get to know you and discuss treatment options. Our goal is to figure out how best to support you in your journey.

The team will meet as a group and discuss their impressions of what supports would be best to help you and your child on your journey.

Treatment is guided by your child’s age, puberty, and readiness. You will discuss treatment options with your provider and have your questions answered.

We treat you until age 21. We’re happy to make suggestions to transition to adult care or surgeons for gender affirming surgery.

Appointment Readiness

Appointment Readiness

We recommend that if you are currently working with a mental health professional in the community that you stay with them and keep your appointments, even as we are working together.

Any medical or mental health records you think necessary for us to know about your care. Request a copy of your medical records.

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Why Choose Us

Why Choose Us

The Nemours Gender Wellness Program is the only complete gender health program in the state of Delaware. We work together to help kids and teens be as healthy as possible, physically and emotionally. We can coordinate appointments with our large team of specialists. And we can help your child and family adjust and cope with any emotional challenges along the way.

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