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Help — and Cures — for Kids With Lymphatics Disorders

Lymphatics are small vessels that carry fluid from the tissue back to the body’s circulation. Although they’re tiny, they can cause big problems for kids when they don’t work right.

For a long time, doctors didn’t understand how to diagnose or treat lymphatic disease. Thanks to recent advances in technology, we can now see these small vessels and fix them.

Doctors refer families to Nemours Children's because we have a program dedicated to treating kids with lymphatic issues – in fact, the Nemours Lymphatics Program has been internationally recognized for the care we deliver. We offer both answers and cures for families like yours. Our large team of cardiologists, gastroenterologists and other specialists will work together to give your child the best, most complete care.

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Our lymphatics specialists help families from around the world find the right approach for their child’s condition. We combine pediatric expertise with a state-of-the-art methods to treat even the rarest conditions.

“He's feeling good. No pain ... It's marvelous!"
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Our Team

Our lymphatics team is made up of experts from multiple medical departments including:

Our program includes coordinators that will assist you with scheduling appointments, finding lodging, travel accommodations and ensuring you are only focused on your child’s care.


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Conditions & Treatments

Our team of experts has treated patients with several conditions related to lymphatics including:

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We Offer the Latest Treatments for Lymphatic Disease

At the Nemours Lymphatic Imaging and Therapeutics Program, we offer complete diagnosis, evaluation and treatment for children with lymphatic disease. We combine pediatric expertise with a state-of-the-art approach to treat even the rarest conditions.

  • We're recognized for our comprehensive approach to care. The Lymphatic Education and Research Network has named us an LE&RN Pediatric Comprehensive Center of Excellence in lymphatic disease.
  • We have the largest pediatric interventional radiology program in the country. We have more IR doctors than any other pediatric program in the country. IR is a key part of treating lymphatic problems.
  • We have the latest technology for treating lymphatic disease. We can fix lymphatic vessel leaks and open up vessels that are closed. Our team of experts works together to guide the treatment and reduce the risks.
  • We use minimally invasive techniques to treat kids. Often, we can use tiny incisions (cuts). This means shorter recovery times, very small or no scars, and less pain.
  • 6,000+ Interventional radiology procedures a year
  • 12+ Specialists who work together to treat lymphatics patients
  • 9 Interventional radiology doctors system-wide

The Lymphatic System Explained

The lymphatic system is part of the immune system. It keeps body fluid levels in balance and defends the body against infections. Learn more from the experts at Nemours

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Family-Friendly Hospital

We care for your family in a healing environment with child-focused activities and places to play. We offer private patient rooms and most have space to rest, revive and gather. There is also a Ronald McDonald House next to the campus for overnight stays.