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Excellence in Pediatric Heart Surgery

We offer world-class expertise and the full range of heart care for babies, kids and young adults.

Our pediatric heart surgeons in both Delaware and Florida do many surgeries. That means more experience and more variety in the types of cases we see. We report our outcome data to a national database. That’s how we know that our outcomes are better than national averages. As a result, families come from all over the world for diagnosis and repair of heart problems.

We use advanced techniques that are designed for the smallest hearts. This allows us to treat congenital heart disease and to safely correct heart conditions babies are born with. 

Find Cardiac Surgical Care at Nemours

We have many pediatric heart surgery physicians and locations — find the care closest to you:

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Expertise in Action

World-class heart care requires an experienced team with the compassion to understand your family's journey, and the expertise to heal even the most complex conditions. See us at work.

Expert Care for Children’s Heart Surgery

Nemours cardiac surgeons treat babies, kids and young adults, and excel at even the most complex surgeries.

  • We have excellent results for surgeries and other heart procedures. Our cardiac surgical outcomes are among the best in the nation.
  • We use less invasive surgical techniques. We use surgeries with smaller incisions when we can, because it means kids heal faster and go home more quickly.
  • We’re a destination for children with heart failure. We use the life-saving technology, Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation (ECMO). This allows weakened hearts and lungs to rest so they have a better chance of growing stronger. We also offer ventricular assist devices (VADs), which are mechanical pumps that help the heart work until heart transplant.
  • We have experience. We see many babies and children with arrhythmia, hypoplastic left heart syndrome (HLHS) and other heart conditions. We can handle even the most complex surgeries.
  • 300+ Heart surgeries each year at Nemours
  • 2 Nationally known cardiac centers, in Delaware and Florida
  • 5 Pediatric cardiothoracic surgeons

Featured Doctor

“This is all that we do every day. We have the capability to deliver the most state-of-the-art care in an environment which is family centered.”

Meet Christian Pizarro, MD, Chief, Division of Pediatric Cardiothoracic Surgery

Convenient Follow-Up Appointments by Video

We offer many follow-up appointments through scheduled, live video visits. You can avoid waiting rooms and save travel time. Ask your doctor if this is an option for your family.

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