Child Life Program

The Child Life Program at Nemours Children's Health, Jacksonville, helps children and families in our hematology and oncology programs  heal through play, preparation, education and self-expression.

A Child Life specialist is a graduate of a bachelor’s or master’s program in education, human growth and development, psychology, or counseling and certified through rigorous training.

We’re experienced in helping children and adolescents deal with a serious illness, and cope with feelings like guilt, anger and confusion.

What We Do

Anticipating Your Every Need

We’re here to meet the needs of our patients — infants to adolescents — and families during stressful and traumatic situations by providing:

  • Psychosocial support

    explain procedures and treatments and talk about concerns

  • Procedural support

    offer comfort and distraction during blood draws and other procedures

  • Medical/therapeutic play

    use the power of play as an integral part of the healing process

  • Education and advocacy

    foster understanding and communication with your medical team

When your child is anxious, when you’re overwhelmed, and your other children don’t understand what’s happening to your family, contact us. We’re here
for you.


Child Life Activities

Kids of all ages want to explore and play no matter where they are. The Child Life Program at Nemours Children's Health, Jacksonville, keeps a serious illness from dampening  this spirit in many different ways.

Art with a Heart

Several times a week, an artist from the Wolfson Children’s Hospital “Art with a Heart” program visits our hematology and oncology patients to lead fun and therapeutic art projects. Armed with brushes and paints, our kids love expressing themselves through creativity without bounds.

When masterpieces are complete, children often donate their artwork for everyone to enjoy in the clinic, the hospital or in traveling exhibits displayed throughout the community.

Learn More About Art With a Heart »

School Visit Program

When children are diagnosed with cancer, there are so many questions and concerns: Will I lose my hair? Am I contagious? Will people stare? How will my friends treat me?

At Nemours, we not only help your child understand, we can help your child’s classmates understand a cancer diagnosis. During a school visit, we talk to kids about cancer, explain what it is (and what it isn’t), how it’s treated, and how they can help keep your child safe from germs.

This early, open conversation helps patients:
  • maintain confidence and self-esteem
  • build a school-based support system
  • foster friendships and camaraderie
  • cope better with stressful situations
  • enjoy a healthier classroom environment

For more information about school visits, please contact our Child
Life Specialist.

Contact Us

Joli Craver

Child Life Specialist
(904) 697-3908

Child Life Program: Hematology/Oncology

Nemours Children's Health, Jacksonville
Monday - Friday: 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.