Social Work

At the Nemours Children's Health, Jacksonville, we believe successful health care includes managing the impact an illness has on your family, communicating effectively with your care team, and taking advantage of available resources and services.

How We Can Help

Our social workers provide compassionate, professional, and culturally-sensitive assistance to help you cope with your child’s special condition, and get your family on the road to healing. Social Work teams assist our patients and families in a variety of ways:

  • Psychosocial Support

    Explaining the condition and treatments, answering questions, and talking about your feelings and concerns.

  • Case Management

    Providing ongoing needs assessment, service coordination, information and referrals, and transition to adult care

  • Support Groups

    Establishing and assisting clinic support groups for parents and youth

  • Counseling and Support

    Providing talk therapy and coping strategies and making mental health assessments

  • Community Liaison Services

    Identify state and federal programs and access nonprofit services as needed

Our Social Work Team


Pamela Bowers, LCSW

(904) 697-3600

Kristin Saunders, LCSW

(904) 697-3600

Rosemary Randazzo, LCSW

(904) 697-3600

Endocrinology & Gastroenterology

Erin Pfeffer, LCSW

(904) 697-3600


Pablo Saldana, PhD, CRC, LCSW

(904) 697-3600

Multispecialty Clinics

Noelle Moore, LCSW

(904) 697-3600

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Coping With Complex Illnesses

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