Newborn Screening

Newborn screening is the practice of testing every newborn for certain harmful or potentially fatal disorders that aren't otherwise apparent at birth. With a simple blood test, doctors often can tell whether newborns have certain conditions that eventually could cause problems. Although these conditions are rare and most babies are given a clean bill of health, early diagnosis and proper treatment sometimes can make the difference between lifelong impairment and healthy development.


Newborn Screening at Nemours

What we have to offer:

  • 24/7 physician coverage through the diagnostic referral division
  • local access to follow-up care
  • lab testing 24 hours/day for six days/week
  • disorders included in newborn screening panel
  • second tier molecular testing
  • expertise of an internationally respected lab services provider with PerkinElmer Genetics

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For Newborn Hearing results or concerns, please contact the Delaware Division of Public Health at (302) 744-4544.

Nemours Newborn Screening Team

Michael F. Cellucci, MD, Medical Director

Jessica Carmona, Program Coordinator

Kate Tullis, PhD, Program Manager

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Phone: (302) 651-5079
Fax: (302) 295-0719


As the global leader in newborn screening, PerkinElmer, Inc. currently provides products to customers in more than 100 countries worldwide. PerkinElmer’s customers have screened more than 560 million babies throughout the world for life threatening diseases: screening 39 million babies annually around the world, helping to save around 69 newborns per day and 25,000 per year.

PerkinElmer Genetics is PerkinElmer’s laboratory services business, and performs newborn screening on behalf of states and institutional customers.

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How are specimens sent to PerkinElmer Genetics?

Birthing facilities and secondary collection sites will send dried blood spot cards to PerkinElmer Genetics via UPS next-day shipping, Monday thru Saturday.

The shipping is included in the newborn screening fee and all necessary supplies will be provided to the birthing facilities and secondary collection sites.

How are results communicated to primary care providers?

PerkinElmer provides access to results 24/7 via E-reports web-based system (If access is needed, please contact the Newborn Screening Program at (302) 651-5079.

Abnormal results will be faxed to the primary care provider listed on the filter paper. For clearly abnormal or urgent results, pediatricians will receive a call from one of the newborn screening medical consultants.

Who should physicians contact with questions regarding abnormal results?

They may call the Newborn Screening Program at (302) 651-5079.

Are results communicated after hours and on weekends?

For critical results there will be communication from the medical consultants to the primary care doctors after-hours and on Saturdays.

How can primary care offices obtain access to Perkin Elmer results?

Please contact the Newborn Screening Program at (302) 651-5079 or for the necessary form. Each office may assign a delegate (office manager(s), MA(s), office support staff, etc.) to pull results on behalf of the office clinicians if desired. 

How can primary care offices obtain OUT-OF-STATE newborn screening results? 

Please see NBS Out-of-State Results or visit NewSTEPs for more information.

When should a second screen be collected? 

Delaware is a mandatory two-screen state. For infants born in Delaware a second screen should be obtained within 7-28 days of life. 

If your patient is born outside of Delaware, Delaware does not require a second screen to be collected if the FIRST screen is Within Normal Limits. 

Can a family refuse newborn screening? 

Yes. Parents or legal guardians can refuse newborn screening for one or both mandated screens.

The collection facility must fill out the Newborn Screening Refusal Form with parent/legal guardian signature, as well as, completed filter paper card with “Refusal” written across the top and ship BOTH documents to PerkinElmer via UPS. 

A copy of the refusal form should be faxed to the Newborn Screening Program at (302) 295-0719 or emailed to

Which patients will you have access to on Perkin Elmer’s results portal?

When you log in to the Perkin Elmer site, you will have access to any patients you have ordered repeat collections as well as first and second screens for any patients identifying your office as their PCP at any of the Delaware birthing hospitals, centers or home-births via midwifery. 

By unchecking the “include only your practice” box, the portal allows for broader searches for patients who might have had a name or PCP change since the blood spot was collected. 

When searching for patient’s in the portal, best practice is to search by Mother’s last name.

What is the average timeframe for the results of a newborn’s first screen to be accessible in the PerkinElmer portal?

If the screen is collected on day two of life, and shipped to PerkinElmer on day three of life, then final results should be posted by day five of life. 

If you have trouble locating results on an infant, please contact the Newborn Screening Program at (302) 651-5079 or

What is the turnaround time for molecular results?

Typically two days.

How are new disorders added?

New disorders will be recommended by the Newborn Screening Advisory Committee which is appointed by the governor and will not be a decision made by Nemours.

How long will you be able to access results on infants born prior to 12/28/2018?

You may call and request results over the phone from Public Health office at (302) 744-4544

How can hearing screening and CCHD results be obtained? 

By contacting Public Health at (302) 744-4544.


Supply Orders:

The submitting facilities will order the Delaware filter papers and UPS supplies through the PerkinElmer Client Service Representatives by either calling (866) 463-6436 or sending an e-mail to: