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Highly Specialized Care From Multiple Specialties

Tuberous sclerosis complex is a genetic condition that causes the growth of noncancerous (benign) tumors. This happens when cells grow out of control and divide more than they should. These benign tumors can rarely go on to become cancerous.

The tumors caused by tuberous sclerosis complex are called hamartomas. Hamartomas can grow in many parts of the body. They mostly affect the skin, brain, kidneys, heart, eyes and lungs.

The Nemours Children’s Tuberous Sclerosis Program is a multidisciplinary clinic that allows patients to be seen by several specialists in one appointment. By working together, your child’s care team can provide the best quality of life for your child.

The providers in the Tuberous Sclerosis Program will have a full understanding of your child’s unique needs, as they work together to provide the best treatment options possible. Your child’s care team will include specialties such as neurology, nephrology, cardiology, genetics and more. Nemours is also proud to be recognized as a TSC Clinic by the TSC Alliance.

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Services We Offer for Tuberous Sclerosis in Kids

  • Comprehensive epilepsy care for your child, including new medications for Tuberous Sclerosis Complex treatment, neurostimulation and surgery.
  • A multidisciplinary care team approach to ensure the best quality of care for each child.
  • Extensive therapy and rehabilitation services are offered, including occupational therapy, physical therapy and speech therapy.

Complete Tuberous Sclerosis Care for Kids and Families

When you come to Nemours, your child gets team-based care from experts in pediatric neurology, nephrology, cardiology, genetics and many more.

  • Pediatric Expertise in the Care of Tuberous Sclerosis Complex. We have vast experience working with kids of all ages and abilities. In fact, we’re part of renowned Nemours pediatric programs in neuromuscular disorders, brain and spine injuries, cerebral palsy, spina bifida and more.
  • We work as a team. Together, our multidisciplinary team collaborates and talks regularly to help find the right treatment options and then customize it to your child’s needs.
  • Your input is valued. We work closely with families and encourage input from other caregivers your child has. We do everything we can to help your child live life to the fullest.