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Practice & Prevention

The Nemours Children's National Office Practice & Prevention team provides leadership and guidance on efforts that support the health, well-being and development of all children.

Our team helps spread, scale and sustain evidence-based population health strategies through the following projects: 

Early Care and Education

Healthy Kids, Healthy Future Technical Assistance Program

Through the Healthy Kids, Healthy Future Technical Assistance Program, Nemours provides technical assistance to help states implement healthy eating and physical activity best practices in early care and education (ECE) state systems and programs (e.g., child care centers, state training and technical assistance programs). In this work, Nemours partners with departments of health, child care resource and referral agencies, and other ECE organizations. 

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Better Together  

Our Nemours Better Together project helps instill healthy eating and physical activity habits for children. Partnering with the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Nemours works with state stakeholders in communities with high poverty levels to improve healthy eating and physical activity policies and practices at the state systems and early care and education (ECE) program level. Learning collaboratives support ECE providers during the project.   

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Project HOPE

Through Project HOPE, Nemours works with cross-sector groups of state and community leaders to create equitable access to high-quality services and resources for young children and their families. Nemours offers funding, technical assistance and training to teams to address leadership, communications, governance, financing and data — all to support policy and program changes at the systems level. 

Project HOPE is funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.

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National Early Care and Education Learning Collaborative 

From 2012 through 2018, Nemours led the National Early Care and Education Learning Collaborative’s initiative to promote child health in early care and education (ECE) settings. Nemours implemented learning collaboratives for ECE providers across the country to improve standards around healthy eating and physical activity in ECE settings. The project delivered more than 125 learning collaboratives to over 2,500 ECE programs and reached 201,000 children. 

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Population Health Integrators

Nemours is exploring strategies for how health care and community organizations can work together to improve health outcomes in a region. Through Learning Labs, multisector teams work on shared population health goals. They receive self-directed resources, coaching and technical assistance on health issues presenting challenges to their team. 

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Health Literacy

To promote health literacy, experts at Nemours created “Navigating the Health Care System,” a curriculum designed for high school students to prepare them for managing their own health care as they transition into adulthood. Health literacy is an important life skill because improved health literacy can lead to more people seeking preventive health services and avoiding preventable emergency department visits. 

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Medicaid and Upstream Prevention

Nemours is helping Medicaid agencies, managed care organizations, and others explore how to address social determinants of health through the health care system. Coordinating community-based services with medical care helps address nonmedical factors that influence poor health and chronic conditions. 

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