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Bone diseases in children can cause the bones to be soft, brittle, thick or thin, or shaped differently. They happen when the body doesn’t absorb certain minerals like calcium, phosphorus and vitamin D the way it should.

Some bone diseases are rare and complex, like osteogenesis imperfecta. Others are related to genetic conditions passed along in families, like osteoporosis or rickets. Our pediatric endocrinologists are experts in bone diseases.

We may use medicines or dietary supplements like vitamin D or calcium to treat certain bone diseases. We may also recommend nutrition changes, exercises or physical therapy. For complex conditions, we partner closely with specialists in orthopedics, genetics and others. We work together to give your child the best possible care. 

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Expertise and Support You Can Trust

Certain bone diseases involve other conditions such as diabetes, thyroid disease and some genetic syndromes. Some medicines can also cause it. It’s important to see a provider that understands the causes of bone disease, and how to treat it. 

We provide expert diagnosis. Our team uses the latest lab and screening tests to diagnose your child’s condition. We may also use bone density scans and other imaging, and genetic testing too. 

We partner with other specialists. Depending on the condition, we work as a team to care for your child. You can get this all in one system. 

We’re here every step of the way. Our team helps you understand your child’s bone disease. We give you tips on how to keep your child healthy at home, at school and with friends.  

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