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Type 1 diabetes in children happens when the pancreas stops making the hormone insulin. It’s caused by the immune system attacking healthy cells by mistake. Without insulin, glucose (sugar), doesn’t go into the body to be used for energy. Instead, it goes into the blood, which leads to high blood sugar and other health issues. 

We know how diabetes can change a child’s life. That’s why specialists at our Diabetes Centers of Excellence are actively researching and developing innovative tests and treatments. We want kids with diabetes to be active with friends and grow up healthy. 

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Treatment for Type 1 Diabetes

Type 1 diabetes is different than type 2, where the body still makes insulin. Kids with type 1 often lose weight. They may need to pee a lot and sometimes wet their bed. Some are thirstier than usual and feel tired. Blurry vision and itchy skin are also common.  

Children with type 1 diabetes need daily insulin to keep their bodies working right and reduce the risk for future health problems. Good nutrition and physical activity can also help. Our diabetes team offers the latest tools and support for kids and families. We’re here every step of the way. 

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