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The expanded Nemours/Alfred I. duPont Hospital for Children, designed by patients, families and caregivers, is an environment that promotes children’s physical, emotional and spiritual healing.

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Psychology Fellowships

The Division of Behavioral Health at Nemours/Alfred I. duPont Hospital for Children offers 10 postdoctoral fellowships in pediatric psychology/behavioral health, 4 of which will be LEND positions, beginning August 2018. Positions are open to graduates from American Psychology Association-approved doctoral programs who have already completed their internship training and all degree requirements.

Our Fellowship Program

2018-19 Postdoctoral Fellowship Posting

The Division of Behavioral Health at Nemours/Alfred I. duPont Hospital for Children offers 10 postdoctoral fellowships in pediatric psychology/behavioral health, 4 of which will be LEND positions, beginning August 2018. Positions are open to graduates from American Psychology Association-approved doctoral programs who have already completed their internship training and all degree requirements. Fellowships are 1 year in duration, unless otherwise noted.

The deadline for applications is Friday, December 15. 2017. Offers for interviews will be extended by 12/22/17. Onsite interviews will be held between January 22nd and February 3rd, 2018. The fellowships offer clinical training under four primary categories: Pediatric Psychology, Integrated Behavioral Health, Leadership Education in Neurodevelopmental Disabilities (LEND), and Neuropsychology/Rehab. Specific postdoctoral fellowships are outlined below.

In addition to clinical hours, fellows participate in didactic seminars spanning topics such as professional development, clinical supervision, research and medical issues and hospital grand rounds. Fellows also have opportunities to supervise other psychology trainees as we have psychology externship and internship programs. Applicants are invited to apply for one or more positions.

Postdoctoral Fellowship Tracks

Pediatric Psychology Track: 4 Positions

Major Emphasis: Cardiology / Minor Emphases: Craniofacial, Neuro, Medical Trauma

This fellowship position provides 50 percent experience in Pediatric Cardiology, which includes assessment and parent consultation as part of an interdisciplinary cardiac neurodevelopmental follow up program, consultation-liaison within the cardiac intensive care unit and cardiac transplant psychosocial evaluation. The fellow will participate in weekly interdisciplinary developmental rounds on the cardiac unit and will be an active member of a cardiac developmental care committee that strives to promote developmental care practices in the Cardiac ICU. The patient population ranges from newborns to young adults with a variety of cardiac conditions including congenital heart disease, arrhythmias and heart failure. One day is devoted to neurodevelopmental/psychosocial research in Cardiology. Minor rotations will include psychological consultation and attending weekly medical rounds in the context of a multidisciplinary Craniofacial/Cleft Palate Clinic and consultation and treatment for neurologically based disorders. The fellow will also provide inpatient consultation and liaison services for the Level 1 Trauma Program, which includes standardized screening for risk of posttraumatic stress symptoms following accidental injury. 

Supervisors: Erica Sood, PhD, Julia Price, PhD, Johanna Carpenter, PhD

Major Emphasis: Diabetes / Minor Emphases: Weight Management

Applicants ideally will have a background in child clinical and/or pediatric psychology with interest/experience participating in a hospital based Endocrinology team. The fellow will join the Diabetes Collaborative Clinics, which is an integrated clinic in which families presenting for regular outpatient diabetes follow-up visits with Endocrinology providers also meet with psychology providers for coordinated visits that typically include warm hand-offs. In addition, the fellow will carry an outpatient therapy caseload of children presenting with adherence or coping concern with diabetes or other chronic illness. Twenty percent of the fellow’s time is also allotted to diabetes focused research. The remaining time includes psychological testing with children and adolescents (preschool to 18 years) diagnosed with or suspected of having developmental disabilities, including developmental delay, intellectual disability, and autism spectrum disorder. The fellow will participate in clinical work within our multidisciplinary Weight Management Clinic where families with children and adolescents struggling with obesity are evaluated and treated.

Supervisors: Jennifer Shroff Pendley, PhD, Christina Cammarata, PhD, Julia Price, PhD, Colleen Sherman, PhD, Megan Cohen, PhD

Major Emphasis: First State School / Minor Emphases: Oncology, Transgender clinic

The First State School position is a 50 percent commitment to the opportunity to provide therapy (individual, family and group), consultation (classroom teachers, nursing staff) and brief assessment services in a school-based setting for children with a variety of chronic illness conditions (e.g., diabetes, sickle cell anemia, hemophilia, HIV, kidney/liver disease, asthma, cancer). The First State School at Wilmington Hospital (Christiana Care Health System) is dedicated to providing integrated specialized medical and therapeutic care (e.g., nursing, psychological, psychiatric, occupational, physical and speech therapies) with traditional classroom schooling from K-12. Therapy work is targeted toward medical adherence, adjustment to illness, coping with stressors and enhancing school academic and social functioning. The remaining 50 percent of this position includes Oncology consultation and therapy, neuropsychological testing (related to oncology survivorship issues), and psychological services for youth with gender identity challenges. As the Transgender Clinic is a yet-to-be-developed clinic, the fellow will have program development opportunities.

Supervisors: Steven Reader, PhD, Terry Harrison-Goldman, PhD, Anthony Alioto, PhD

Major Emphasis: Pain / Minor Emphasis: Consultation and Liaison Service

This fellowship offers training within the Integrated Pain and Wellness Program, which is a multidisciplinary outpatient pediatric chronic pain clinic. Physicians, psychologists, nurses, physical and occupational therapists, and integrative services (e.g. massage) work together on an interdisciplinary team. This position primarily involves outpatient clinical work treating youth with a wide range of chronic pain conditions including (but not limited to) headaches, abdominal pain, post-concussive syndrome, complex regional pain syndrome, amplified musculoskeletal pain syndrome, autonomic disorders, and generalized pain. Clinical activities include interdisciplinary intake evaluations, outpatient therapy with a focus on cognitive behavioral, acceptance, and family systems approaches, collaboration with schools, group therapy (SiPS Group), and collaboration with other providers. There will also be one day devoted to pain related research. Minor rotations will include participation in the hospital-wide Consultation and Liaison Service working with a number of medical teams who request behavioral health consultation for inpatients with a variety of presenting concerns and consultation. The fellow will provide inpatient psychological consultation and brief treatment for C&L patients.

Supervisors: Katherine S. Salamon, PhD, Johanna Carpenter, PhD

Integrated Behavioral Health: 1 Position

(also see related position within LEND tracks)

Major Emphasis: Primary Care / Minor Emphases: Gastroenterology

Applicants ideally will have a background in clinical child and/or pediatric psychology with interest/experience working in a primary care setting. Sixty percent of the fellow’s time will be spent off site in Nemours pediatric practices fully participating with pediatricians, nurses and medical residents in the model of integrated care. This position also offers the opportunity to spend one day on research related to primary care practice. The remaining 20 percent of this fellow’s time will be spent collaborating with our hospital based multidisciplinary Gastroenterology clinic providing consultation and treatment services.

Supervisors: Megan Cohen, PhD, Roger Harrison, PhD, Anthony Alioto, PhD

Neuropsychology Fellowship: 1 Position

Neuropsychology Postdoctoral Fellowship

The neuropsychology postdoctoral fellow at Nemours will have the opportunity to refine their diagnostic skill set through experiences in learning how to integrate medical, neurological and psychological information, neuropsychological and psychological evaluations, educational data, clinical interview and history. The fellowship is designed to span two years, contingent upon satisfactory progress during the first year. The outpatient program receives referrals from pediatric neurologists, pediatricians, schools and mental health providers with questions of differential diagnosis and treatment planning for a wide range of patients with neurologic illness and injury, including those with traumatic brain injury, concussion/mild traumatic brain injury, epilepsy, hematology/oncology, cardiology, metabolic disorders, and other medical, developmental or psychiatric issues. To ensure that the fellow receives a high level of clinical training in pediatric neuropsychology, our program provides clinical experience, research experience as well as didactic experiences. Fellows will receive a minimum of 2 hours of supervision per week and participate in clinical group supervision. Other opportunities for more informal supervision also exist. The program has an emphasis on professional development that is achieved through teaching, didactic seminars, and interdisciplinary collaboration. We will be conducting interviews at the 2018 INS conference in Washington, D.C., as well as at Nemours/A.I. duPont Hospital for Children. 

Supervisors: Terry Harrison-Goldman, EdD, Maya Zayat, PsyD

LEND Tracks: Four Positions Total

The Leadership Education in Neurodevelopmental Disabilities (LEND) fellowship program is an interdisciplinary training program for healthcare professionals and family members of children with chronic developmental conditions. Nemours/AIDHC and the University of Delaware, along with other community organizations, have partnered together to develop unique didactic, training, and clinical experiences to create leaders in systems delivery for children with special needs and their families. The program will include specialized didactics, interdisciplinary clinical opportunities in both the medical field and in the community, partnership with families, and a capstone research project. It is anticipated that the four LEND fellows will spend one day a week dedicated to LEND activities. LEND is supported by a grant from the Maternal Child Health Bureau, Health Resources and Services Administration, and the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. There are more than 40 LEND programs in the United States, and this is the first LEND program in Delaware.

Additionally, two positions are also partially supported by a grant from the Health Resources and Services Administration, "Innovation in Care Integration for Children and Youth with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) and Other Developmental Disabilities".

Major Emphasis: Early Childhood / Minor Emphasis: Child Clinical

Applicants ideally will have a background in clinical child and/or pediatric psychology with early childhood experience. This position offers a unique opportunity to become immersed in the very early years of 0-3 by providing services through Child Development Watch (CDW). CDW is a state funded 0-3 early intervention program with an emphasis on home-based and/or site based daycare observations and consultations. As the psychologist on-site one day per week, the post-doc is an active participant in multi-disciplinary developmental assessments which include other specialists from speech/language, occupational therapy, physical therapy, nutrition, audiology and nursing. This family centered approach is based on a brief therapeutic model and is designed to enhance development of appropriate behavior management strategies as well as to allow for observations of the child in a naturalistic setting with familiar caregivers. Post-doctoral fellows spend approximately 40 percent of their clinical time associated with CDW either on site, completing family or day care visits, or completing related work at the hospital. Additional clinical time is focused on early childhood developmental assessments for children at high risk for developmental disabilities, including NICU graduates and those with a history of craniosynostenosis. Behavioral and Developmental Access Clinic (BDAC) is a joint clinic between Behavioral Health and Developmental Medicine staffed by a psychologist, general pediatrician, and clinical social worker designed to provide family-centered care to young children under the age of 4 with a broad range of complex early childhood concerns including medical, behavioral, social, emotional, attentional, and developmental challenges. Fellows will lead consultation, follow-up, feedback, and brief assessment screening visits while learning how to conceptualize complex diagnostic presentations and identify appropriate interventions.

Supervisors: Colleen Sherman, PhD, Stephanie Chopko, PhD, Maia Noeder, PhD

Major Emphasis: Autism Spectrum Disorders / Minor Emphasis: Child Clinical

This position will primarily involve direct clinical care with ASD as a referral question, including diagnostic evaluations, comprehensive testing, ongoing treatment (both behavior-based and CBT), empirically validated group interventions for children and parents and exposure to patients with ASD in a medical setting.  Although ASD is often the referral question, there will be a substantial component of child clinical assessment and treatment, as well as medically complicated developmental concerns, in order to best serve this population.  One day per week will be devoted to outpatient consultation and treatment of feeding disorders with children on the Autism Spectrum. Applicants ideally will have a documented interest and clinical experience in ASD; although ADOS-2 training is not required, it is preferred.

Supervisors: Laura Dewey, PhD, Emily Bernabe, PhD, Colleen Sherman, PhD

Major Emphases: Autism Spectrum Disorders / Developmental Disabilities

This position will involve direct clinical care with children 0-3 years of age served by Child Development Watch in southern Delaware two days/week. Additionally, the fellow will have the opportunity to spend time in the Clinic for Special Children completing psychological assessments for Amish and Mennonite children in Strasburg, PA. Within our hospital setting the fellow will participate in diagnostic evaluations for children presenting with concerns for Autism and will join the multi-disciplinary feeding clinic team to provided both consultative and therapeutic services for children presenting with a wide range of medically complex to avoidant feeding behaviors that compromise growth and development.  Applicants ideally will have a documented interest and clinical experience in ASD; although ADOS-2 training is not required, it is preferred.

Supervisors: Colleen Sherman, PhD, Stephanie Chopko, PhD, Laura Dewey, PhD

Major Emphases: Autism Spectrum Disorders / Telehealth / Primary Care

This fellow will spend 40% of their time in direct clinical care with an emphasis on providing telemedicine evaluation and treatment to families with ASD as the primary referral concern within Nemours pediatric practices in southern Delaware. This position will increase services to under-served families and will include the opportunity to also provide evidence based behavior therapy for families with children presenting with ASD via telehealth. The remaining time will be assessment focused as well as the opportunity to provide community based consultation for children enrolled in Early Head Start within the Wilmington Delaware region.  Applicants ideally will have a documented interest and clinical experience in ASD; although ADOS-2 training is not required, it is preferred.

Supervisors: Colleen Sherman, PhD, Emily Bernabe, PhD, Laura Dewey, PhD

Nemours/Alfred I. duPont Hospital for Children is like no other in the region — designed by families, for families.

About Our Hospital in Delaware

The Nemours/Alfred I. duPont Hospital for Children is a multispecialty, tertiary care teaching institution located on a 300-acre estate in the scenic Brandywine Valley in Wilmington, Del.

As a program participant, you’ll have access to advanced computer systems for patient care activities, electronic mail, word processing, internet access and library research functions. Among the hospital’s amenities for all staff are:

  • free parking
  • park-like setting
  • gym/fitness center
  • on-site child care center for children of staff
  • massage therapy

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