Amenah: Ankle Injury

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Amenah: Ankle Injury

Tony, a sports medicine patient

Amenah suffered a painful ankle injury during volleyball practice. Since she’d been seen for a previous injury by Dr. Sarah Gibson, a Nemours sports medicine specialist, her mom knew right away who to turn to for the best care.

Amenah’s mom says, “Dr. Gibson is compassionate, caring and dedicated to her patients. Her level of engagement is phenomenal, especially when it comes to talking to both Amenah and me, equally. She treats us with respect and listens. And that’s so important for a physician who is caring for your child.”

As a high school and club volleyball player, Amenah plays with tons of heart and passion, so she was devastated to be sidelined by the injury. But after several weeks of physical therapy, wearing a walking boot and using crutches, she was cleared to play and she’s back on the court. Amenah was even named MVP in a recent tournament.

Today, Amenah feels healthy and thanks Dr. Gibson and the Nemours team for getting her back to what she loves to do.