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At Nemours, we are committed to maintaining the highest standards for the health and safety of every child who participates in research activities at our facilities. That's an unwavering commitment that goes back to our first clinical trial in 1987, and it remains our top priority today.

The Nemours Office of Human Subjects Protection and our network of Institutional Review Boards ensure compliance with three basic ethical principles underlying the acceptable conduct of research at Nemours:

  • Respect for Persons

    Acknowledging the dignity and autonomy of individuals, and assuring special protection to children involved in research.

  • Beneficence

    Protecting individuals by maximizing anticipated benefits and minimizing possible harm.

  • Justice

    Treating subjects fairly and assuring that the benefits and burdens of research are equitably distributed.

Independent Accreditation

Nemours is proud to be fully accredited by the Association for the Accreditation of Human Research Protection Programs.

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Nemours Office of Human Subjects Protection

Robert Colnes, Director

Suzanne Murphy, Associate Director

Monica Pyewell, Administrative Assistant

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