Asthma in Children

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Leaders in Care & Research for Asthma in Children

Asthma is a disease that makes breathing difficult when parts of the airway become swollen, inflamed and clogged. At Nemours, our pediatric allergists and pulmonologists are widely recognized for our expertise in children’s asthma. Through studies and clinical trials, we’re always looking for new ways to improve treatment and offer care backed by the latest research for asthma in children. 

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Services We Offer

At Nemours, we personalize our asthma care based on each child’s specific needs. We know that every child’s asthma is different. Depending on what might be causing your child’s asthma, your doctor may refer you to a pulmonologist or an allergist. Pediatric pulmonologists are doctors who treat children with diseases of the lungs and airways like asthma. Pediatric allergists also diagnose and treat kids’ asthma, as well as all types of allergies and problems with the immune system. Our goal is to help both you and your child successfully manage the disease and avoid asthma emergencies.

We offer the latest in diagnostic testing and treatments — a full range of comprehensive allergy and asthma testing services. Our services may vary depending upon the condition, location and doctor you see:

  • allergy testing (to see if allergies may be triggering or making your child’s asthma worse)
  • asthma education with a certified asthma educator and/or respiratory therapist (to help kids and families understand how asthma affects the body, how to keep symptoms under control, and how to manage triggers and symptoms)
  • clinical trials for eligible patients (to research potential new treatments)
  • consultations with other specialists as needed (to address any other medical conditions that may be contributing to your child’s asthma)
  • customized, detailed asthma action plan (to help manage asthma, and prevent or reduce flare-ups and hospital visits)
  • diagnostics and follow-up care (to properly diagnose and treat kids)
  • discharge process that brings all members of the care team together (to focus on family education and seamless follow-up with primary care and specialty providers after a hospitalization)
  • pulmonary (lung) function testing and chest X-rays (to see how well the lungs are working)

Why Choose Us

As innovators in asthma care and research for asthma in children, Nemours helped set the standards for the nationally recommended medication guidelines for treatment of acute asthma (also known as “asthma flare-ups” or “asthma attacks”).

We also know that asthma is the No. 1 reason why kids miss school and visit hospital emergency departments each year. That’s why our board-certified physicians, advanced practice nurses and respiratory therapists spend so much time teaching families about asthma and how best to manage it. We want kids to stay out of the hospital and be as healthy as possible. And, thanks to our award-winning electronic health record (EHR), you and all of your Nemours caregivers will have real-time access to information about your child’s asthma plan and care.

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Regional Asthma Highlights

Services, programs and care teams differ at each location. Call for details.

We offer comprehensive care for asthma in children at Nemours Children’s Hospital, Delaware in Wilmington, and select satellite Nemours Children's Health locations.

  • seamless, coordinated care with on-site doctors in more than 30 pediatric specialties at duPont Hospital 
  • Nemours asthma expertise in multiple locations in New Jersey and Pennsylvania for added convenience
  • Web-based electronic medical records system accessible to Delaware school nurses, who (with your permission) can see your child’s plan of care and information about almost every visit to Nemours locations in Delaware — to help keep your child with asthma healthier and safer while they're in school

We offer expert, ongoing care for children with asthma in Central Florida, where asthma rates are higher than the national average. We provide comprehensive asthma care in children at Nemours Children’s Hospital, Florida in Orlando and select satellite Nemours Children’s Health locations.

  • Center for Asthma Research & Treatment (CART) — the only pediatric program in Central Florida linked to the two largest asthma networks in the country, Asthma Net and the American Lung Association. Learn More About CART »
  • specialized, tailored pediatric asthma program built with other specialties (including the Severe Pediatric Asthma Clinic)
  • cardiopulmonary exercise physiology laboratory (to measure how your child’s lungs work while exercising)
  • partners with the American Lung Association and Health Department of Orange County on home environment assessments for kids with asthma (to identify and help prevent possible asthma triggers to avoid asthma attacks)
  • comprehensive care team from the Division of Allergy & Immunology and Division of Pulmonology & Sleep Medicine
  • aerosol laboratory — nationally recognized for helping determine the right amount and size of particles needed for medicines to be absorbed in kids’ lungs
  • active in asthma medical education, training students from the University of Central Florida (UCF) and Florida State University (FSU) schools of medicine

We offer comprehensive care for asthma in children at Nemours Children's Health, Jacksonville and select satellite Nemours Children’s Health locations.

  • American Lung Association Airways Clinical Research Centers (ACRC) based at Nemours Children's Health, Jacksonville/University of Florida Consortium
  • Wolfson’s asthma program, the Community Asthma Partnership at Wolfson, directed by Nemours pulmonologists. We also work with other area hospitals to develop a standard asthma treatment plan for hospitalized children.
  • multiple pulmonologists selected as some of the Best Doctors in America®
  • high-risk asthma program
  • pulmonary (lung) function laboratory
  • cardiopulmonary exercise physiology laboratory (to measure how your child’s lungs work while exercising)

We offer comprehensive care for asthma in children at Nemours Children’s Health, Pensacola and select satellite Nemours Children’s Health locations.

  • multiple doctors selected as some of the Best Doctors in America®
  • specialized, tailored pediatric asthma program built with other specialties
  • pulmonary (lung) function laboratory

Patient Stories

ANemours asthma patient, Kajuan, and his mom

Sometimes the best support and peace of mind comes from families who’ve been there. Meet some of the inspiring kids we’ve been honored to treat.

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Research & Clinical Trials

At Nemours, we’re actively researching new approaches for childhood disease prevention, diagnosis and treatment.

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