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The body’s lacrimal (tear duct) system is made up of glands and ducts that work with our eyelids and lashes to keep our eyes from drying out. When tear ducts are too narrow or blocked, tears can’t drain the way they should. That makes the eyes water a lot, swell or even become infected. Since many babies are born with a tear duct system that isn’t fully developed, a blocked tear duct tends to happen most often in infants.

If your child has a blocked tear duct (also called “congenital nasolacrimal duct obstruction”), we can show you how to take care of the affected eye and prevent infection. If it doesn’t get better on its own, our pediatric eye experts at Nemours Children's can treat this very common condition in kids.

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Your baby’s eyes deserve the best possible care. At Nemours, our pediatric ophthalmologists are experts in treating blocked tear ducts. Many of our board-certified and fellowship-trained eye doctors are recognized as “Best Doctors in America® ” each year.

We perform state-of-the-art operations, when appropriate, to treat and repair kids’ eyes. We’re also active in research to find better ways to treat kids' eye problems. And, for children with more than one health need, you can often see several doctors on the same day, in the same place.

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