Chest Wall Disorders Program

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Chest Wall Disorders Program
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Chest Wall Disorders Program
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Chest Wall Disorders Program

Caring for Rib and Breastbone Problems in Kids

The Nemours Children’s chest wall disorders team helps children feel better, inside and out. We offer the latest nonsurgical and surgical treatments for pectus excavatum (sunken chest), pectus carinatum (pigeon chest) and other complex chest wall problems.

Our team is led by surgeons who are experts in chest wall disorders. We help you understand your child’s condition and any impact it may have on growth, health and self-esteem. We’ll talk about treatment options and the best time for treatment.

If surgery is needed, we have expertise in the latest procedures, including the Nuss and modified Ravitch techniques. We use minimally invasive methods, which can mean fewer cuts, a faster recovery and better results.

Children with chest wall disorders can have trouble breathing, heart problems and other conditions. We work with a team of specialists to plan the best possible care as your child grows.

Find Chest Wall Disorders Care From Nemours

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Conditions & Treatments

The conditions we treat vary depending on the location and providers selected. Don’t see a condition listed? Call us.

Pediatric Chest Wall Expertise You Can Trust

Chest wall disorders can affect a child’s health in different ways. We evaluate kids early on so we can watch for problems as they develop. We work with other specialists to help your child grow up healthy, confident and strong. Chest wall defects are not just a cosmetic inconvenience. We believe no one should have to limit their life because of their chest wall.

1 in 300

People have pectus excavatum


Age at which pectus carinatum usually becomes noticeable

We provide effective nonsurgical treatments. When possible, we use therapies like external bracing or a pump and suction device. We also use physical therapy to build muscle strength.

If your child needs surgery, they’re in good hands. Our surgeons can sometimes treat even the most complex chest wall disorders with minimally invasive methods. This may mean fewer cuts and an easier recovery.

We coordinate with other specialists to care for related conditions. We have expertise working with kids with Marfan syndrome, Poland syndrome, scoliosis, heart conditions, Ehlers-Danlos syndrome or other connective tissue disorders.

We offer supportive care. We offer pain management, counseling and other services just for kids and families. We guide and support you every step of the way.

Your Child’s Surgery: What to Expect

Chest wall surgery can have a life-changing impact on kids. For some, it can restore heart and lung health. For others, it can improve self-image and confidence. If we recommend surgery, we’ll help you understand what to expect. You can also read trusted medical information from Nemours® KidsHealth®.

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