Medically Complex Coordination Clinic

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Medically Complex Coordination Clinic

Expert Care for Children With Complex Medical Problems

Two young boys at play in our medically complex coordination clinic.

Our Medically Complex Coordination Clinic helps families and pediatricians coordinate care for children with complex medical conditions. This means a dedicated team of Nemours pediatric experts comes together to create a roadmap of care for your child. This roadmap is a plan that you and your child’s pediatrician can follow to help your child get the best care possible. It will also help your family manage care costs and coordinate appointments — we’ll even help you discover resources and support.

Medically Complex Conditions We Treat

Medically Complex Conditions We Treat

Complex medical conditions we can help you manage include:

  • severe cerebral palsy
  • complex cardiopulmonary diseases
  • genetic syndromes that involve more than one area
  • neurodegenerative diseases such as spinal muscular atrophy (SMA)
  • problems requiring advanced home care equipment 
  • rare diseases (especially when community support is limited or unavailable)
  • life-limiting conditions
Services We Offer for Kids With Medically Complex Conditions

Services We Offer for Kids With Medically Complex Conditions

Dedicated Nemours experts help your family and your child’s health care providers with:

  • personalized, family- and patient-centered care plans for you and your child’s pediatrician
  • prioritizing specialty care 
  • a focus on improving quality of life
  • customized emergency information forms

The Medically Complex Coordination Clinic is also a great benefit if your child uses assistive and adaptive medical technology such as:

  • tracheotomy feeding tubes (when feeding is given through a temporary or permanent opening in the windpipe)
  • diapers beyond the typical toilet training age
  • surgical ostomies (a temporary or permanent opening made to the intestine or other part of the body)
  • total parenteral nutrition (“TPN,” a way to deliver nutrients through a vein for those who can’t process food by mouth)
  • vagal nerve stimulator (a device implanted under the skin in the chest to prevent seizures by sending mild pulses of electrical energy along the vagus nerve to the brain)
  • baclofen pumps (small devices implanted under the skin to deliver muscle relaxant medicine to decrease severe muscle contractions in conditions such as cerebral palsy, multiple sclerosis and spinal cord injuries)
  • ventilator, home oxygen or other mechanical ventilation assistance device (CPAP, BiPAP)
  • ventriculoperitoneal shunt (a medical device that drains excess fluid in the brain)
Why Choose Us for Medically Complex Conditions

Why Choose Us for Medically Complex Conditions

The Medically Complex Coordination Clinic is led by a pediatrician who has a vast amount of experience managing the special needs of children with complicated health issues. Our nurse practitioner is a seasoned expert who has dual certification in neonatology and pediatrics. Other team members include a health and wellness coach to help maximize your child's well-being, and registered dietitians specifically experienced with complex medical conditions.

Regional Highlights for Medically Complex Care

We offer care for children with complex medical conditions at Nemours Children’s Hospital (Orlando, Fla.).

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