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Care for Kids With Ear Differences

The ear anomalies team at Nemours Children’s Hospital, Delaware helps kids with ear differences. Our goal is to start care early, so children have the best chance to grow and develop along with their peers.

Our team includes experts in pediatric otolaryngology (ENT), plastic surgery, audiology and psychology. We work closely with your child’s primary care doctor and other specialists they may see.

We arrange everything your child needs, and plan treatment as a team. You can see us on the same day, if possible. This team approach can mean treatment starts sooner, for better results.

Nemours Children’s offers advanced nonsurgical and surgical treatment options for ear anomalies. As your child grows, we watch for problems with hearing, language and development. We care for all your child’s needs, physically and emotionally.

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Services We Offer

We offer full pediatric ear differences services, which may vary depending on the condition and location. Reconstruction surgery may include techniques using:

  • the child’s own cartilage (a flexible, rubbery substance in the joints)
  • implants (grafting a child’s skin over a plastic mold)
  • a prosthetic (an artificial extension that replaces a missing body part)

We also provide hearing evaluations and options to help with hearing loss, including hearing aids and devices

"We are so fortunate that our son is cared for by the most knowledgeable, talented and loving physicians we could ever hope for.”
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Conditions & Treatments

Ear Anomaly Expertise at Nemours

We treat even the rarest and most complex ear anomalies in children. You get expert care and support for the whole family.

  • We offer advanced treatments. We may recommend surgery to rebuild the ear, or custom molds to reshape it. In some cases, we may use ear prosthetics or artificial devices.
  • Our surgeons are experts. We’re skilled in the latest and safest ways to restore ear appearance and function. We can use a child’s own cartilage or implants to rebuild the ear.
  • We provide state-of-the-art hearing devices. These include the latest bone anchored hearing aids (BAHA) that send sound through the bone to the ear.
  • We help your child reach important developmental milestones. We bring in speech and language pathologists, rehabilitation therapists and psychologists as needed.
  • You’re never alone. We teach your child how to cope with social situations or the effects of their condition. We also help you find community and school resources.


  • 24+ Kids we care for each year
  • 9 Staff members on our team
  • 3 months Age within which we typically see newborns with ear differences

How the Ears Work

Learn about the inner workings of the ear in this easy-to-understand video from Nemours KidsHealth.