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With glaucoma, pressure builds up inside the eye. This causes decreased blood flow and damage to the retina (the light-sensitive layer at the back of the eye) and the optic nerve (which carries signals from the retina to the brain, where they’re interpreted as visual images). Glaucoma makes the lens of the eye cloudy, which makes it harder to see. At Nemours Children's, our pediatric ophthalmology (eye care) team can evaluate glaucoma in children of all ages and, if needed, perform pediatric glaucoma surgery — even in infants.

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Nemours pediatric ophthalmologists are board-certified and fellowship-trained at nationally recognized institutions to provide the highest level of surgical and medical care for common and complex eye problems. Many on our team are recognized in Best Doctors in America® and local magazines as “Top Doctors” in the region. We’re also researchers looking for new, better ways to detect and treat conditions like pediatric glaucoma.

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