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Children sometimes have inguinal hernias or hydroceles, which can be present at birth or develop later. An inguinal hernia is when a section of a child’s intestines pushes through a weak spot in the stomach into the groin or, in boys, the scrotum. It looks like a “bulge” in the groin area. A hydrocele is when fluid collects around a boy’s testes. Hydroceles cause swelling around the testicles, but they’re usually painless.

Both of these conditions either go away on their own by 12–18 months old or can be easily treated with surgery. Most inguinal hernia and hydrocele repairs are done on an outpatient basis in the operating room. That means your child can usually go home on the same day as their surgery. 

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If your child needs treatment for inguinal hernias and hydroceles, you can count on the experts at Nemours Children's. Our urologists are specialists in urology for kids — board-certified in pediatric urology. Year after year, many are recognized as Best Doctors in America®, as well as “Top Doctors” by local magazines in our regions.  

And, if your son needs surgery, know that our urologists are skilled in procedures ranging from routine outpatient operations to complex inpatient surgeries — including reconstructive surgery of the urinary tract or genitalia.

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