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Historically, doctors treated children with cancer using adult cancer medicines. But thanks to clinical trials for children with leukemia, researchers have had amazing results tailoring treatments to the distinct needs of children. One example: about 98% of children with acute lymphocytic leukemia (ALL) achieve remission (when doctors can’t see any cancer cells in the body). ALL is the most common type of pediatric leukemia.

At Nemours Children’s, we’re national leaders in childhood leukemia clinical trials. Through partnerships with the Children’s Oncology Group and National Cancer Institute Community Oncology Research Program (NCORP), more kids can get the latest groundbreaking treatments and care improvements close to home — and live a better quality of life. Read more about research and clinical trials at the Nemours Children’s Health Center for Cancer and Blood Disorders.

Children’s Oncology Group (COG)

The Children’s Oncology Group is the largest organization devoted to childhood and adolescent cancer research. It is the most experienced cancer organization in the world.

COG brings together more than 10,000 pediatric cancer experts at more than 200 leading children’s medical centers worldwide. It enrolls kids with cancer in COG clinical trials in all 50 states with the goals of improving care and increasing cures for cancer.

COG runs nearly 100 clinical trials at any given time. As a result, Nemours has the most open clinical trials for childhood cancer in the United States. We also offer the most open leukemia clinical trials in Central Florida. Because all our locations participate in COG clinical trials, our patients have early access to exciting new treatments.

National Cancer Institute Community Oncology Research Program (NCORP)

The National Cancer Institute (NCI) Community Oncology Research Program is a grant awarded to cancer programs with the infrastructure, expertise and commitment to provide the highest quality cancer care. Nemours is one of two designated kids-only NCORPs in the country.

NCORP is a national network that brings innovative care to people in their own communities. It makes the most promising clinical trials available to our patients in their backyard. As a result, Nemours is second among all United States. pediatric cancer centers in enrollment on National Cancer Institute (NCI)-funded clinical trials.

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Childhood Leukemia Research at Nemours: What to Expect

Once a child has a confirmed leukemia diagnosis, we immediately look to see if there are any available clinical trials they can enroll in. This process involves advanced testing that analyzes the cancer’s genetics. Due to our large number of leukemia clinical trials, we have available trials for most newly diagnosed patients.

Types of leukemia clinical trials your child may benefit from include:

  • Treatment clinical trials. Treatment trials aim to improve treatments by testing current gold standards against new therapies. Researchers are looking to see if they improve the cure rate or reduce side effects.
  • Supportive care clinical trials. Many children may experience side effects from leukemia treatment, including nausea and vomiting, infection and fertility issues. These trials test supportive medicines that may prevent, reduce the risk of or treat these issues more effectively. 

If your child is eligible for a clinical trial, we explain the benefits and risks, and why we recommend it. Whether you enroll your child in the clinical trial is up to you. Review our frequently asked questions to see if a clinical trial is right for your child.

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