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Premature babies can face a number of health challenges. One of the more common is called “retinopathy of prematurity” (ROP). It causes abnormal blood vessels to grow in a baby’s retina (the layer of nerve tissue that allows your baby to see). ROP has no signs or symptoms when it first develops in a newborn. The only way to detect it is through an eye examination by an ophthalmologist (eye specialist). 

At Nemours Children's, our children’s ophthalmologists are leaders in ROP screening and treatment. Here, your baby’s tiny eyes will be in caring, expert hands.

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You want the best for you baby. We do too. At Nemours you can count on us for experienced, highly skilled pediatric ophthalmologists who are often recognized as “Best Doctors in America®".

Our pediatric ophthalmologists are board-certified and fellowship-trained. That means we know how to treat children with all kinds of eye conditions, including ROP. Our doctors and surgeons have special expertise in treating complex eye issues in premature babies. We’re also researchers, working every day to find new and better ways to childhood eye disorders.

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