Robotic-Assisted Surgery

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Robotic-Assisted Surgery

Smaller Incisions. Greater Precision. Faster Recovery.

We all want our kids to heal as quickly as they can, with the least amount of pain and time in the hospital as possible. These are the benefits of robotic-assisted surgery, which Nemours offers for certain conditions and procedures. This advanced technology combines tiny cameras for highly magnified views, with surgical tools guided by our surgeons to perform delicate surgeries more precisely than they could do on their own. Our surgeon makes only a few tiny incisions (rather than one larger incision, which is usually needed in traditional open surgery) or uses the body’s natural openings, which allows for a faster recovery.

How Does Robot-Assisted Surgery Work?

With robotic surgery, the surgeon makes several small cuts to guide a thin tube with a light and tiny video camera on the end (called an “endoscope”) into the body. The endoscope lets the surgeon see inside the body and use very small robotic surgical tools in the area. From there, the surgeon controls the operation while sitting at a nearby computer console. Aided by enhanced 3-D imagery and highly magnified views, the surgeon is able to manipulate the robotic-assisted tools with greater dexterity, stability and range of motion than what can normally be achieved with the human hand.

A common misconception about pediatric robotic surgery is that the robot actually replaces your child’s surgeon. But this is not the case. The surgeon’s expertise is simply enhanced by the precision technology offered by the da Vinci® system. The surgeon is in control at all times, and the robot doesn’t move on its own.

What Are the Benefits of Robotic-Assisted Surgery?

Kids who get robotic-assisted surgery often experience:

  • smaller incisions
  • less pain after surgery
  • less blood loss and need for transfusions
  • lower risk of infection
  • shorter hospital stays
  • quicker return to daily activities
  • less scarring and improved cosmetic appearance

Why Choose Us for Robotic-Assisted Surgery

Nemours surgeons use the state-of-the-art da Vinci® robotic surgery system. This advanced technology allows us to perform surgical procedures with more precision and stability than we could achieve by hand alone. Our surgeons are highly skilled in traditional and in robotic surgery. They’ve had advanced training in using the da Vinci® system and have extensive experience with performing successful procedures for children and teens. Many of our surgeons are also recognized as Best Doctors in America® year after year, as well as "Top Doctors" by local magazines in our regions. 

Regional Highlights of Our Robotic-Assisted Surgery

Services, programs, facilities and care teams differ at each location. Call for details.

At Nemours Children’s Hospital, Delaware (Wilmington, Del.), we offer robotic-assisted surgery for children who need certain urological procedures.  

At Nemours Children's Health, Jacksonville, we work with Wolfson Children’s Hospital to offer specialized urological and general surgery robotic-assisted procedures unique to North Florida and the Southeast. We perform operations at Wolfson, with follow-ups after surgery in the hospital and at our Nemours offices.

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