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Our goal is to help patients maintain academic skills, while also providing structure and normalization during hospital stays. Our hospital school program offers a variety of educational services tailored to each patient’s needs.


Services We Offer

To arrange for your child to participate in the hospital school program, please talk with your social worker, child life specialist or nursing staff.

Communication With School

With parental/guardian permission, the hospital teacher may contact your child’s regular classroom teacher to coordinate assignments while he/she is hospitalized. Assignments can be scanned/emailed directly to the hospital.

Individualized Instruction

The hospital teacher can provide individualized instruction aligned to the school district’s curriculum in a 1:1 or small group setting. Instruction can take place right at your child’s bedside or in our hospital classroom.

Return-to-School Planning

The hospital teacher will collaborate with the school district prior to discharge to meet school re-entry needs, which may include an individualized educational plan, 504 plan or hospital/homebound services.

How You Can Help

Ultimately, our focus is on preparing your child for a smooth transition back into the classroom, which means we’re in constant contact with your child’s school teacher — gathering assignments and staying updated with classroom progress.

You can help most by:

  • Supporting your child’s academic goals
  • Having textbooks and assignments ready each week
  • Keeping the school informed and updated about your child’s progress
    and return

Helpful Articles

For more information about keeping up with your child’s studies, check out these articles from Nemours’, the #1 most-visited website in the world about children’s health:

How You Can Give

We accept new school supplies and children’s books to support patients who are hospitalized. Thank you so much for supporting our learners. 

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Contact Us

Becca Grysko, PhD, CBIS

Special Education Teacher

Phone: (407) 567-3135

Monday–Friday: 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.