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Boy writing what he learned with PedsAcademy at Nemours Children's Hospital.

Innovative, Interactive Education


PedsAcademy at Nemours Children’s Hospital is a pediatric school program in partnership with the University of Central Florida (UCF). It provides pediatric patients of all ages with educational opportunities while they are at the hospital. Instruction is tailored to meet each child’s unique learning needs.

A variety of educational technology tools are used to promote student engagement and learning, including robotics, augmented/virtual reality and 3-D printing. The school program coordinator also provides educational referrals, resources, and guidance to families related to the hospital/homebound application process, individualized educational plans (IEPs), 504 plans, and school re-entry. Education sessions are provided at bedside, or in a small group setting in the PedsAcademy classroom located on the hospital’s 5th floor.


About Our Program

Program Highlights

PedsAcademy offers:

  • a certified teacher on-site, Monday through Friday
  • student teachers from UCF who have all completed extensive coursework in preparation for teacher certification in early childhood development, elementary education, exceptional student education, or secondary education
  • multi-sensory teaching techniques (involves the use of visual, auditory, and kinesthetic-tactile pathways to enhance memory and learning)
  • developmentally supportive play/activities for infants and toddlers to promote stimulation and growth in cognitive, social, language, and physical skills (e.g., reading, singing, peek-a-boo, sorting games)
  • immersive virtual reality (computer-generated experiences that allow kids to learn while interacting with simulated environments through sight, sound, and touch using a headset)
  • robotics (children develop computer science concepts as they “program” robots to complete mathematical tasks)
  • 3-D printing technology (children design and print their own three-dimensional models)
  • hospital-wide educational events including Read for the Record, Reading Paws, STEM Day, and more!

Immediate Access for All Patients and Siblings

All school-age children on Nemours premises are eligible immediately. Our education is available for all patients — and their siblings, too.

Virtual Reality Education

The Impact of Virtual Reality Education

Virtual reality (VR) technology is especially helpful for kids experiencing pain, nausea or anxiety from medical procedures — which can make it hard to learn. VR “worlds” are deeply engaging scenarios that not only distract children from unpleasant side effects, they can also transport them to authentic learning environments. They can explore Mars, tour the Louvre, or travel inside the circulatory system. Research shows that VR education can directly contribute to increased memory in children and young adults.

Contact Us

Becca Grysko, PhD

School Program Coordinator


Monday–Friday: 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.