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A Unique Hospital-University Internship Program

PedsAcademy® is a first of its kind hospital-university internship program, created in partnership between Nemours Children’s Health and the University of Central Florida, to address the educational needs of pediatric patients during their hospitalization while also preparing future teachers to meet the diverse needs of children with chronic and complex conditions.

The PedsAcademy model integrates a teacher internship program into the existing hospital school program at Nemours Children’s to expand the number of patients served and enhance the depth of educational services provided.

Explore the PedsAcademy toolkit below to learn how to develop your own hospital-university internship based on the Nemours-UCF model.

Interested in an Internship?

Through specialized training, professional development and hands-on experience, the PedsAcademy Internship Program provides future teachers with deep understanding into the educational and social-emotional needs of children with chronic and complex medical conditions. Are you a University of Central Florida student and interested in participating in the PedsAcademy Internship Program?

PedsAcademy Toolkit

This toolkit below is intended to provide guidance and sample documents for hospitals and/or universities seeking to establish a hospital-university internship program based on the PedsAcademy model. The toolkit includes descriptive content, advice and recommendations based on the experience of the PedsAcademy team, and resource documents.

Our School Program

Our hospital school program offers a variety of educational services tailored to each patient’s needs.