Hunger, Nutrition and Health

The White House Conference on Hunger, Nutrition and Health asked for help in ending hunger and reducing diet-related diseases like diabetes, obesity and hypertension by 2030 — all while closing disparities among the communities impacted most.

We are proud to join the coalition of philanthropies, universities, state agencies and startups creating and funding solutions to these urgent national problems. 

Helping Families Stay Healthy

In collaboration with the White House Conference, we’ve created an online health center, with articles and videos in English and Spanish, to help families make their best choices about nutrition and well-being. You’ find ways to make healthy, low-cost meals, tips on helping your child manage anxiety, ways to help your teen get enough sleep and much more.

Nemours KidsHealth is a pioneer and leader in pediatric health content that has been trusted by millions worldwide for more than 25 years.

Diverse family spending time together in their home around a dining table in the north east of England. They are enjoying a family meal together and catching up as a family over dinner.

How Can I Help a Picky Eater?

Most toddlers are picky eaters. Here's how to manage mealtimes so they're more pleasant and less stressful for everyone. To learn more about making the best health choices, visit our healthy family center.

Sharing Knowledge, Creating Health

Parents and child at school conference.

We understand that medical care represents only a fraction of what impacts a child’s health. The rest includes things like social determinants of health: education, literacy, housing, safety, freedom from adverse childhood experiences and other social factors. As we strive to improve the health of our patients and others, Nemours Children’s is trying to learn more about these challenges in the lives of the families we care for.

Since 2018, we have worked to create a social needs screening tool and deploy it through our practices. More than 35,000 families have voluntarily told us about food insecurity, housing concerns, lack of transportation and other challenges, large and small. Where possible, we’ve helped break down these barriers to health.

We know we’re not the only health system making this journey. That’s why we made a commitment to the White House to develop and distribute a Social Determinants of Health resource guide sharing our insights and lessons learned.

Nemours believes that health systems have the expertise, trusted relationships and infrastructure to serve as the stewards of children’s health. Sharing our knowledge and experiences is one way we can create a healthier future for all kids.

Health Is About More Than Medical Care

When patient families visit our Nemours Children's Health, Jessup Street office in Wilmington, Del., they may leave with more than a prescription and care instructions. Sometimes, they leave with toothpaste or formula or cans of beans or even a coat.

This is thanks to what we call “Care Closets.” We have two Care Closets in Delaware and as part of our commitment to the White House Conference on Hunger, Nutrition and Health, we are expanding that number to 12 by the end of this year.

Care Closets are just one way we help our patient families deal with food insecurity and other challenges. These primary care offices have canned goods, dry food items and other essentials stocked on shelves. If a family identifies a need on their Social Determinants of Health screening survey, a care coordinator from the practice will reach out to see if any of the goods we’ve stocked can help. 

Where do we get the supplies? Some are donated by local organizations or Nemours associates, some we buy, and some come from state government sources. 

Food for Children

To reach our vision of creating the healthiest generations of children, we must work to improve the health of children who may never enter our doors. That’s why we’ve committed, as part of The White House-led effort, to expanding our involvement in our backpack programs. These programs are aimed at ensuring children have nutritious food during out-of-school time. 

We’ve signed agreements with Philabundance and Chester County Food Bank to step up our level of involvement.

That’s great news because we’re already reaching hundreds of families. Last summer, for instance, the Philabundance Community Kitchen assembled and distributed 12,900 breakfast kits. Funding from Nemours provided roughly 70% of these, which went to about 2,400 children.