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Psoriasis is a red, thickened skin rash that can itch or burn. It happens when the germ-fighting immune system overreacts and makes skin cells grow faster than the body can get rid of them. Psoriasis is an ongoing condition that can come and go. 

There are different types of psoriasis. Kids with the most common type have it on their knees, elbows, lower back and scalp. Psoriasis that begins after an illness causes red spots on the arms and legs. Others have it on their joints, along with pain.  

Nemours Children’s specialists know how psoriasis can affect a child, physically and emotionally. We work hard to clear the skin so your child can feel better and more confident.  

Learn more about Psoriasis at the Nemours KidsHealth Library

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Treatment for Psoriasis at Nemours Children’s

Our pediatric dermatologists are experts in treating psoriasis. We’ll ask about your family history since psoriasis can run in families. We’ll help you and your child understand the condition and how to avoid things that may make it worse.  

Psoriasis treatment depends on your child’s condition. We may use ultraviolet (UV) light, creams, or medicines. We may also work with experts in pediatric rheumatology (joint health) or immunology. Our goal is to help kids with psoriasis feel better, both inside and out.  

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