Eligibilities and Policies

Rotations at Nemours Children’s Hospital, Delaware, are available for visiting 4th year medical students from medical schools accredited by the Liaison Committee on Medical Education (LCME) and the American Osteopathic Association (AOA) within the United States and Canada. We are not able to offer rotations to students from international medical schools. Additionally, we do not offer pediatric clerkship rotations to 3rd year medical students outside of Thomas Jefferson University.

Medical Student Applying for Rotations

Every application submitted will be reviewed and considered. You will receive email confirmation that we have received your application. Once we have reviewed your application, you will receive one of three responses back from us:

  1. Accepted for a rotation: In this case you will receive confirmation that you are scheduled. You will have to provide us with a variety of documents/clearances before you can officially start. If you do not respond to the requests for information in a timely fashion, you may be dropped from the rotation and your spot may be offered to another student.
  2. Rejected for rotation: We receive more applications than available spots, and thus are unfortunately not able to accept every student who expresses interest in rotating with us.
  3. Waitlist: This means that we don’t have a rotation available for you at the present time, but we will keep you on the waitlist. In case a spot opens up either because a visiting student drops a rotation, or because an SKMC student didn’t use a spot that was reserved for them, we will reach back out to you to inquire about your interest in the rotation.

If you have completed a rotation with us and are interested in a second rotation, we will ask you to wait until all students are scheduled for their first rotations. If there is still space available, we would be happy to accommodate you for additional rotations.