Financial Services

International Medicine Program

Once you have completed your form and submitted your medical records, a member of our team will work with Nemours physicians and care teams to create a treatment plan specifically for your child. This treatment plan will determine your cost estimate.

Cost Estimate

When it’s ready, we will provide you a cost estimate that will be based on the personalized treatment that is developed for your child’s conditions. The cost estimate is free. It is an estimated guess of what your child’s treatment will cost, and it is not a guarantee. After we send you the cost estimate via email, you are able to accept or reject the offer by a certain time period that will be determined by a member of our team.

Verifying International Health Insurance

Nemours accepts some international health insurance providers. Once you have completed your contact form, a member of our international medicine team will work with you to verify your international health insurance provider.

Accepted Payment Methods

Initial payment arrangements are made once the cost estimate is accepted and appointments are scheduled. After your child’s treatment, you will have an exit meeting with a financial specialist. A financial specialist is a representative from Nemours who will review the costs and charges to date. In this exit meeting, you will have the opportunity to ask questions and confirm payment methods. You can pay for your child’s treatment with cash (USD), credit cards, wire transfers as well as other methods you can discuss with your financial specialist.

Contact Us

For questions about financial services, please call +1 (302) 651-4993 or email