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All kids, especially toddlers, stumble and fall sometimes. But your child may have a balance problem if you notice a regular pattern of issues like dizziness, blurred vision, clumsiness and frequent falls. Symptoms of balance disorders can sometimes be misdiagnosed as something else — or missed altogether. But treating balance problems can help kids function and feel better.

At Nemours Children's, our teams of specialists work together to figure out what may be causing your child’s balance and vestibular (inner ear balance) problems and create a treatment plan that fits their specific needs.

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At Nemours, our teams of experts uses the latest advances to diagnose all kinds of balance problems in kids. We’re able to perform specialized vestibular testing in our state-of-the art labs, where we can stimulate the inner ear to see how it affects children’s balance. Our kid-friendly equipment helps us pinpoint both the cause and the most effective treatment. And because our experts are often all under one roof, your child may be able to have multiple appointments scheduled in one day.

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