A child with a headache rests on her father's shoulder

Every child gets a headache now and then. But for some, they can be a serious and recurring problem. Migraines in children can have a major impact on how kids feel, act, play, and do in school. Ongoing headaches in children are stressful for parents, too — watching your child endure pain can be upsetting. But our teams of headache experts are here to help manage and put a stop to your child’s pain.

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With a combination of medication, education, and other approaches, we provide a complete program to:
  • evaluate the cause of your child’s headaches
  • help relieve the pain of recurring headaches
  • help prevent headaches in children from starting
  • identify what activities and substances trigger your child’s headaches
  • educate you and your child about ways to avoid known headache triggers

If your child is having recurring migraines or other kinds of headaches, our Nemours specialists can determine the cause and provide a plan of care — so your child can get back to being a kid and focusing on the joy in everyday activities.