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Center for Fetal Care, Florida

Centro de atención de medicina materno-fetal, Florida

Expert Help Before Babies Are Born

The Nemours Children's Center for Fetal Care provides care for babies of moms-to-be in Central Florida who are facing high-risk pregnancies. We perform fetal testing and can diagnose many conditions before birth. An early diagnosis means our team of experts can start treatment the minute your baby is born. 

We offer mother-baby care, called maternal-fetal medicine. We also offer perinatal care, which is care immediately before and after birth. We have specialists in each of these areas.

We work with your doctors to co-manage care before, during and after your baby’s birth. Our clinicians can provide care in both English and Spanish. An extension of the care team, we help moms and delivery teams be better prepared to give babies the best start in life. 

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Conditions & Treatments

Maternal-Fetal Medicine (For Moms-to-Be)

We’re here from the start to help plan for a healthy pregnancy — sometimes even before a mom gets pregnant. Our experts advise patients who have:

  • diabetes, high blood pressure 
  • possible age-related complications (moms older than 34)
  • problems with past pregnancies (miscarriage)
  • maternal conditions at birth (moms born with congenital heart disease)
  • genetic or inherited conditions (mom, dad and family)
  • known or suspected fetal abnormality
  • poor fetal growth
  • multiple gestation (twins, triplets)
  • fertility assistance
  • morbid obesity (BMI of 35 or greater)
  • drug dependence


Maternal-Fetal Medicine (For Unborn Babies)

Conditions treated include:

  • congenital heart defects and rhythm disorders
  • digestive tract and intestinal problems
  • orthopedic conditions
  • cleft lip, cleft palate and craniofacial disorders
  • urologic and nephrologic disorders
  • infections
  • neurologic disorders

We Provide Help Before Your Baby Is Born

We care for you and your baby, before and after delivery, to make sure your baby has the best possible start.


Specialties with experts that can help care for newborns


Maternal-fetal medicine specialists on our team


In-utero weeks when we can make a diagnosis for some conditions

We can diagnose conditions in the womb. Using special imaging, we can diagnose most congenital conditions (health problems that babies are born with) before birth. 

We coordinate with any specialists your baby will need. We provide seamless access to the world-renowned pediatric specialists throughout Nemours.

We care for women having high-risk pregnancies. We advise women who are having multiples, dealing with an inherited or other condition or who have age-related pregnancy complications.

We offer same-day evaluations. Learning that something might be wrong with your baby is frightening. We offer answers quickly and provide support every step of the way and are able to provide care in both English and Spanish

What Are Prenatal Tests?

Prenatal tests are screening or diagnostic tests that can help identify health problems that could affect pregnant women or their unborn babies. Many of these conditions can be treated, so it's important to find them as soon as possible. Learn more from the experts at Nemours® KidsHealth®.

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