Perinatal Program, Delaware Valley

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Perinatal Program, Delaware Valley

Help and Answers When You Need Them Most

If you are referred for fetal testing, Nemours can help. 

Here, we’re able to diagnose problems during pregnancy using the most advanced fetal imaging. Catching problems early allows our team of experts to begin treatment as soon as your baby is born. 

We’re also able to deliver babies right here at Nemours Children’s Hospital, Delaware. Obstetricians and post-partum nurses take care of delivering moms. Then, Nemours specialists can treat newborns within minutes of birth. This quick, seamless intervention leads to better outcomes. Plus, moms and babies can be together the whole time, which is better for families.

Nemours offers one place to go for all care before, during and after birth.

Find Perinatal Care From Nemours

We have multiple perinatal specialists and locations — find the care closest to you:

Perinatal and Fetal Cardiology Program

With our Advanced Delivery Program, healthy moms whose babies will need immediate, advanced care can deliver their babies right at our hospital.

We Lead the Way in Perinatal Testing and Newborn Care

From fetal diagnosis through delivery and newborn surgical care, Nemours takes care of babies with complex congenital conditions.


Specialties with expert doctors able to assist in the care of newborns


Clinicians on our team


Weeks gestation needed for in-utero diagnosis for some conditions

We offer same-day evaluations. We offer answers quickly and provide support every step of the way.

We offer a range of fetal testing. Using special imaging tests, we can diagnose problems early during pregnancy.

We offer delivery right here at Nemours. The Advanced Delivery Program is for healthy, expectant mothers whose baby will require immediate and complex care after delivery.

We have the only Level IV NICU in Delaware. This designation means that our neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) provides the highest level of care for newborns, including surgical repair of complex conditions.

We have exceptional neonatal cardiac surgery outcomes. If your baby does need surgery, you’re in the best place. Our survival rate for neonatal heart surgeries is 97.3%, nearly 2 points higher than the national average.

Conditions & Treatments

Many of the conditions we treat are heart conditions that are present at birth, called congenital heart defects. Here are some of the other conditions that can be diagnosed during pregnancy and treated after birth at Nemours.

What Are Prenatal Tests?

Prenatal tests are screening or diagnostic tests that can help identify health problems that could affect pregnant women or their unborn babies. Some of these conditions can be treated, so it's important to find them as early as possible. Learn more from the experts at Nemours® KidsHealth®.

Female doctor listens to expectant mom's tummy with stethoscope