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Neuromuscular disorders affect the nerves and muscles, which can impact how kids move and function. At Nemours Children's, our specialists are experts in diagnosing and treating neuromuscular disorders in babies, kids and teens. From spinal muscular atrophy to muscular dystrophy, we have the training and expertise to help children maintain and often improve their abilities. Using the most advanced technologies, therapies and medications around, we work together as a team to help kids with neuromuscular disease reach their full potential. 

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There are many different neuromuscular conditions, so getting the correct diagnosis is key to figuring out the best care plan for your child. At Nemours, our specialists are highly skilled and experienced with all kinds of neuromuscular disease. That means we can often pinpoint a condition when we examine your child. And successful treatment usually requires delivering care using a highly coordinated approach between a team of specialists. That’s what we do — every day. 

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