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Integrative Medicine

Holistic, Complementary Care for Kids

The Nemours Children's integrative medicine team cares for all aspects of children’s health — mind, body and spirit. We blend traditional and alternative therapies for whole-child recovery and wellness. Integrative medicine therapies do not replace your child’s medical care, they complement and enhance it.

Our pediatric clinicians are certified in integrative approaches that activate the body’s natural power to heal. We can help reduce pain, aid recovery from injury, improve breathing, relieve anxiety, improve focus and thinking, improve sleep and more.

Nemours provides pediatric integrative therapies during hospital stays and during outpatient visits. We can also help before and after surgery to improve recovery. Many therapies are available to families, too.

We know how thoughts, feelings and lifestyle can affect health. Our team works with you and your child to create healthy habits that last a lifetime. We want your family to be happy and well, inside and out.

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Conditions & Treatments

We see a wide range of conditions — far too many to list here. The conditions we treat vary depending on the location and providers selected. Don’t see a condition listed? Call us.

Expert Holistic Care Just for Kids

Our team is trained in both pediatric medical and holistic therapies. We know how to care for your child’s whole health.


Number of kids we see each year at Nemours


Our patients range from newborns up to 21


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We have a highly skilled team. Our doctors, nurses and therapists care only for kids. We have expertise working with newborns and children who have special health needs.

We’re part of world-class Nemours pediatric specialty care. Our team works closely with renowned programs in orthopedics, neurology, oncology and more. We have a wide range of experience.

We make life a little easier for you. If possible, we work to schedule sessions on the same day, or time. We want our services to be convenient for you.

We care for the whole family. Some integrative therapies, like massage and healing touch, are available for primary caregivers. We help the whole family cope and be healthy and well.