Urologic Surgery

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Surgery for children is different from surgery for adults, especially urologic surgery which involves a child’s reproductive system and urinary tract. That’s why our surgical teams include highly trained pediatric specialists who are sensitive to the physical and emotional needs of children. We use the latest minimally invasive treatments and techniques that help kids heal faster and get back to their lives sooner.

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Nemours pediatric urologists are board-certified specialists who perform a variety of state-of-the-art surgical interventions for urologic conditions such as pyeloplasty in infants.

Our surgeons perform a wide range of procedures, including:
  • pediatric pyeloplasty (correction of kidney obstruction in children)
  • hydrocele surgery and hernia repair
  • hypospadias repair
  • varicocele correction
  • orchiectomy (removal of testis) and orchidopexy (fastening of an undescended testis inside the scrotum)
  • partial and total nephrectomy (kidney removal)
  • bladder augmentation (increasing the size of the bladder)
  • extrophy repair (closure of the bladder)
  • genital reconstructive surgery
  • circumcision
  • correction of disorders of sexual differentiation (ambiguous genitalia)
Minimally Invasive Surgical Expertise

Nemours urologic surgeons perform a number of minimally invasive procedures, which use smaller incisions or a child’s natural openings – resulting in less scarring, a faster healing time, fewer infections, and
less pain.

Depending on the specific procedure and the location where your child receives care, minimally invasive procedures available may include laparoscopic techniques (the use of a scope and sometimes other instruments to diagnose, inspect, and/or treat a problem) and robotic-
assisted laparoscopic surgery (in which surgeons use a robot to assist
in performing very precise movements through small openings or ports in
the body).

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What to Bring
  • photo ID
  • medical and pharmacy insurance cards
  • preferred pharmacy name and phone number
  • names and dosage of all medications, including over-the-counter medication, your child is currently taking
  • guardianship and custody papers, if a legal guardian rather than a parent accompanies your child
New Patients

Bring these forms for your first appointment:

Returning Patients
  • Patient Presents Without Legal Guardian (PDF)
    English | Spanish
    Note: A parent or legal guardian must be with a child for a first visit.
Forms & Resources
New Patient Forms
Returning Patients
  • Patient Presents Without Legal Guardian (PDF)
    English | Spanish
    Note: A parent or legal guardian must be with a child for a first visit.
Resources for Patients & Families
Surgical Support Services & Information

If you’re a parent living in Northwest Florida or Southern Alabama, you can feel good knowing that if your child has a urological problem, you’re close to the area’s only fellowship-trained pediatric urologist.

Fellowship training in pediatric urology means that our urology specialist has additional medical training in children’s urological issues and is able to provide medical and surgical care for infants, children, and teens with a wide variety of urinary tract conditions.

Compassionate Care for Your Child

Along with an expertise in diagnosing and treating pediatric urological conditions, comes an understanding of how these conditions can impact your child and family’s life.

We strive to provide your child with personal and compassionate care. Children’s urologic conditions can sometimes be complex, so we do all we can to make sure that you understand and are comfortable with any treatment options. If surgery is needed for your child, we realize that you want all the information possible in order to make the best decision, so we take the time to explain each option, always looking for the least invasive method for faster healing and return to normal activities.

Among the services we provide are:
  • complete urologic assessment
  • pediatric gynecologic assessment
  • reviews of voiding studies, voiding cystourethrogram (VCUG) - (X-ray images of a person's urinary system), ultrasounds and other radiologic studies

Connected to Some of the Nation's Top Urology Specialists

As part of Nemours, our pediatric urologist can call upon the resources of some of the country’s top pediatric urology specialists, collaborating on complex cases with doctors from Nemours Children’s Specialty Care, Jacksonville and Nemours Children's Specialty Care, Orlando, as well as Nemours/Alfred I. duPont Hospital for Children in Wilmington, Delaware.