X & Y Chromosome Variations Program, Delaware Valley

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X & Y Chromosome Variations Program, Delaware Valley

Coordinated Care for eXtraordinarY Kids, All in One Place

The eXtraordinarY Kids Clinic at Nemours Children’s Hospital, Delaware gives children everything they need to reach their full potential, developmentally, academically and socially. We bring together different specialists with expertise in helping kids thrive.

X and Y chromosome variations can affect a child’s physical, intellectual, emotional and social development. They may have short stature, puberty disorders, speech problems, muscle tone issues and trouble with attention. With the right care given at the right time, children can, and do, live independent and fulfilling lives.

Our program is led by a pediatric endocrinologist with career-long experience in treating genetic conditions like Turner, Klinefelter and XXX syndromes. We’re researching and working to bring newborn screening and early treatments to kids everywhere.

We arrange your child’s care with experts in pediatric genetics, developmental medicine, rehabilitation, psychology and more. We work closely to diagnose your child’s specific condition and plan treatment. Together, we help your child grow up healthy, happy and strong.

X & Y Chromosome Variations Care From Nemours Children's

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Conditions & Treatments

Helping Kids Succeed

Children with X and Y chromosome variations do better with a team of experts from different fields. At Nemours, we offer medical services and support to help kids reach their highest ability.

Our team oversees your child’s medical care. We address physical features, hormones and growth, brain development, genetic aspects and more. We watch your child as they grow.

You get care coordination. We schedule needed services and appointments for you. We try to arrange visits on the same day.

Your family is part of the care team. We involve your family in treatment planning. Our team helps you understand your child’s condition and how to help them succeed.

Our team supports you. We connect you to resources and advocate for school services. We offer counseling and more.

Clinical Trials at Nemours

Our team actively studies medical problems, genetic factors, development, learning and motor skills related to X and Y chromosome variations. We’re looking for new and better ways to care for kids. See if a clinical trial is right for your child.

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Your Child’s Evaluation: What to Expect

Before we see your child, we gather as much information as we can. We may have you complete a questionnaire and send us previous test results and academic records. After review, we’ll schedule your initial evaluation.

In your first visit we will begin to assess your child’s medical health and behavioral, social, motor and speech and language skills. After this assessment, we will have a complete picture so we can make the best possible plan of care.