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Psychology Externship

Program Overview

Advanced Training for Predoctoral Psychology Students

The Division of Behavioral Health at Nemours Children’s Hospital, Delaware offers a psychology externship for advanced predoctoral students (3rd year students and above) in clinical, school, and counseling psychology. Positions are offered, dependent upon the availability of opportunities and the match of interests between supervisors and applicants. In the Division of Behavioral Health, we serve infants, children and adolescents who are hospital inpatients and outpatients, referred from ambulatory services of the hospital, and the community.

Our Affiliates

Thomas Jefferson University
ChristianaCare Healthcare
Magee Rehabilitation Hospital
Moss Rehab Hospital
Crozer-Chester Medical Center


Training & Rotations for Externs

Within the Department of Pediatrics, the Division of Behavioral Health includes psychologists, licensed clinical social workers, board-certified behavior analyst, psychiatrists, developmental pediatricians and nurse practitioners. We have an APA-accredited Doctoral Internship in Health Service Psychology, and we also offer training through our Postdoctoral Fellowship program. In psychology, there are over 60 doctoral-level licensed psychologists, psychology residents (interns), postdoctoral fellows and externs. Opportunities are available to shadow, receive mentorship and consult with advanced trainees. We serve infants, children and adolescents in need of psychological evaluation and treatment.

Training Overview

Our externship positions typically last 9 to 12 months, depending on the needs of the student and clinic. There is no stipend available for externship training. Externship rotations are organized by type of training experience (i.e., intervention, integrated primary care, evaluation rotations). Additional training experiences, such as involvement in group therapy, are available to supplement any training experience so long as the training experiences do not conflict with one another. There is one position per rotation unless otherwise indicated. Externship rotations are one day per week unless otherwise indicated. Students seeking a two-day placement can apply for multiple rotations. In addition to clinical experiences, externs are welcome and encouraged to participate in other educational activities available through our externship program and the hospital, including professional development lectures, mentorship offerings, didactic seminars and grand rounds.

A strong emphasis on diversity awareness is woven throughout externship training, grounded in our commitment to support future psychologists in developing the cultural self-awareness and humility to effectively serve diverse populations. Our patients and families are diverse in terms of race, ethnicity, SES, immigration status, language spoken, country of origin, family composition, religion, ability level, geographical location (i.e., rural vs. urban), sexual orientation and gender identity. We offer externs opportunities to work with underserved populations and those experiencing various forms of adversity.

As rates of COVID-19 in the community continue to fall, we have returned completely back to in-person clinical work and on-site telehealth service delivery. We continue to offer telehealth flexibly. In-person work is guided by numerous precautions according to the CDC: rigorous sanitization protocols; strict social distancing and indoor masking always; strict adherence to hand hygiene (facilitated by ample hand sanitizer stations); and strict screening protocols. Externs are fully supplied with Personal Protective Equipment, including medical-grade surgical masks and optional face shields. Externs are required to be vaccinated against COVID-19 to participate in onsite training.

Externship Rotations

Our externship program provides a rich variety of clinical intervention and evaluation experiences, in a range of settings, under supervision by our faculty. Rotations are organized by type of training experience (i.e., intervention, integrated primary care, evaluation rotations), and some rotations include a combination of intervention and evaluation opportunities. Specific days of the week in which rotations are offered is noted where applicable. If a rotation has flexibility for another day of the week, that will be noted in the description. 

Intervention Rotations


Autism Behavior Consultation Clinic

The Autism Behavior Consultation Clinic (ABC) housed in the Swank Autism Center is designed to provide brief, targeted behavioral services for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) or other developmental disorders and their caregivers. Intervention focuses on empirically based approaches to behavior management and addresses a wide range of behavioral and developmental concerns, including aggression, tantrums, compliance, self-help skills and toileting concerns. Opportunities are available to assist in autism treatment planning and Parent Education and Acceptance of their Austistic Child Experience (PEACE)  group offerings. Appointments in ABC are 60 minutes and therapy focuses on evidence-based, short-term, goal-oriented techniques. Onsite telehealth opportunities are available. This experience often involves coordination with schools and/or other multidisciplinary team members as appropriate.

Externs see patients on either Tuesday or Wednesday afternoons (specific day to be determined) and will obtain 4–5 intervention hours per week. Individual and live supervision via one-way mirror and opportunities to shadow advanced trainees are available. Fourth year students and above are encouraged to apply. Externs are able to combine this with another rotation for a 2-day placement. Preferred start date is June 2023.

Supervisor: Emily Bernabe, PhD


Behavior Consultation Clinic

The Behavior Consultation Clinic (BCC) is designed to provide evidence-based intervention services for children ages birth to 5 years and their parents. Patients present with a wide range of behavioral and developmental concerns that occur in early childhood, including disruptive behavior, separation anxiety, specific phobias, selective mutism, emotion regulation difficulties, sleep problems, toileting concerns, and selective eating. Externs will implement culturally relevant, empirically supported interventions for these concerns in a fast-paced, real-world clinic setting. Clinic is on Friday mornings from 8 a.m. to 12:30 p.m., with 4-5 45-minute visits. Onsite telehealth opportunities are available. Live supervision is provided via a one-way mirror and additional individual supervision is available. Friday afternoon is typically used for supervision, telephone consultation with medical and childcare providers, and documentation. Externs participate in cohort eith 3-4 other trainess and have opportunities to learn from observing their cases. There are also opportunities to participate in medical resident teaching during clinic.

Fourth year students and above are encouraged to apply, externs are able to combine this with another rotation for a 2-day placement.Preferred start date is June 2023.

Supervisor: Meghan McAuliffe Lines, PhD


Clinical Child and Adolescent Therapy/Parent Child Interaction Therapy

The Clinical Child and Adolescent Therapy/Parent Child Interaction Therapy (CCAT/PCIT) rotation provides intervention services for children and adolescents with eating disorders, depression, anxiety and other mood disorders, and young children with moderate to severe disruptive behavior problems. We have openings for 1-2 students in this experience. Please specify if you are interested in a 2-day combination (PCIT/CCAT) or would like one day of PCIT or CCAT only. One day (Monday) will focus on training in PCIT, the second day (Thursday) will focus on CCAT training.

In the PCIT rotation, externs will learn how to provide PCIT to young children (2–6 years old) with disruptive behaviors and/or emotional concerns and their caregivers. Training in the implementation of PCIT with fidelity is provided in accordance with PCIT International standards for certification. It is sometimes possible for externs to become certified in PCIT upon completion of the rotation. On occasion, PCIT modifications and/or other evidence-based treatments may also be offered in conjunction with standard PCIT, as children may also present with anxiety, emotion regulation difficulties, attention concerns and toileting/sleep concerns. The externship day begins at 11 a.m. on Mondays with group supervision, followed by clinic Monday afternoons from 1–5 p.m. Live supervision via one-way mirror is provided throughout clinic, and individual supervision can also be provided as needed. This experience often involves coordination with schools and/or other multidisciplinary team members as appropriate. Externs can obtain up to 4 hours per week of intervention experience.

In the CCAT rotation, externs will gain therapy experience by providing individual treatment to children and adolescents with eating disorders, depression, anxiety, and other mood concerns. Externs can expect to receive 3-4 hours of intervention experience weekly and will also have the opportunity to learn from and observe other trainees in clinic.

Fourth year students and above are encouraged to apply. Preferred start date is July 2023.

Supervisor: Chrissy Cammarata, PhD


Early Childhood and Adolescent Therapy at Milford

The Early Childhood & Adolescent Therapy (ECAT) rotation at our Milford clinic offers a unique opportunity to gain intervention experience for early childhood and adolescent concerns in a one-day placement. The Milford clinic is located in a rural community and aims to increase access to therapy services for youth and their families. The day is structured where the extern will see 2-3 early childhood patients in the morning, receive an hour of supervision, and then see 2 adolescent patients in the afternoon. Externs will gain experience implementing evidence-based interventions for common early childhood concerns (e.g., disruptive behavior, sleep, toileting) while also gaining experience working with children and adolescents presenting with challenging behavior and mood concerns. Externs can expect 4-6 intervention hours per week with opportunities to consult with daycares, schools, and other providers. Opportunity for onsite telehealth services is available.

This placement will occur on Wednesday. Opportunities to learn from and observe other trainees in clinic is available. Preferred start date is July 2023.

Supervisor: Joana Smith, PhD.


Integrated Pain and Wellness Program

Externs on this rotation will work within an interdisciplinary pediatric pain program providing cognitive behavioral therapy for pain management to youth experiencing chronic pain/physical symptoms. Externs will gain experience conducting intake evaluations and providing individual therapy. Opportunities to collaborate with other disciplines (e.g., social work, physical therapy, physicians, nurses, etc.) will be included. Externs can expect to receive 4-6 intervention hours per rotation day.

Day of rotation is flexible with Thursday availability preferred. Third year students and above are encouraged to apply. This rotation can be a 2-day experience and can also be combined with another rotation for a 2-day placement, if interested. Individual and live supervision is available along with opportunities to shadow and connect with advanced trainees. Preferred start date is June 2023.

Supervisor: Katherine Salamon, PhD


Interdisciplinary Feeding Clinic

The Interdisciplinary Feeding Clinic in the Swank Autism Center provides consultation, evaluation and treatment for children who present with feeding disorders in the context of previously diagnosed Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). The feeding team includes a pediatric psychologist, speech language pathologist, registered dietician and pediatric gastroenterologist. Externs in this clinic will have the opportunity to participate in the interdisciplinary feeding consultation clinic, as well as provide evidence-based behavioral interventions for children diagnosed with ASD and restrictive/selective eating. With supervision, externs will participate in outpatient behavioral feeding therapy sessions, which include a combination of direct service and parent training to address feeding concerns. There will also be opportunities for co-treatment with other providers and consultation with other members of the patient’s care team (e.g., developmental medicine, gastroenterology, etc.). Opportunity for onsite telehealth work is available.

Clinic is held on Tuesday. Live supervision will be provided via one-way mirror. Advanced 4th and 5th year students are encouraged to apply. This rotation can be combined with another rotation for a 2-day placement. Preferred start date is July 2023.

Supervisor: Allyson Davis, PhD


Sickle Cell Disease Clinic

This externship will provide opportunities for brief evaluation (intakes, developmental screening), intervention (pain management, adherence, stress coping), and inpatient consultation liaison in a multidisciplinary Sickle Cell Disease clinic. The extern will work with providers on the multidisciplinary team including hematologists, nurse practitioners, social work and nutrition. Externs will gain experience using behavioral, cognitive behavioral and acceptance techniques.

Third year students and above are encouraged to apply. Clinic is held on Monday. This rotation can be combined with another rotation for a 2-day placement. Opportunity for onsite telehealth work is available. Preferred start date is July 2023.

Supervisor: Steve Reader, PhD


Integrated Primary Care Consultation and Treatment

This externship focuses on conducting diagnostic assessments, implementing brief therapeutic interventions with children, adolescents, and their caregivers, and providing consultation services with medical professionals at Nemours Children's Health primary care offices in Dover, Middletown, Milford and Seaford. One full day is spent with clinic patients. Patient populations are sociodemographically, racially, linguistically and geographically diverse across clinics and includes a wide variety of ages and presenting conditions including behavioral disorders, ADHD, mood disorders, anxiety disorders, elimination disorders, developmental delays, learning disabilities as well as eating, toileting and sleeping difficulties. Externs will gain experience utilizing brief screening measures (e.g., Wide Range Achievement Test-5, Comprehensive Test of Phonological Processing-2, behavior and mood rating forms) as needed to clarify diagnoses and inform therapeutic and educational interventions. Externs will have the opportunity to interact with medical providers to participate in joint visits and warm handoffs assist with Quality Improvement projects, and present psychology lectures to office staff.

In our Dover and Middletown clinics, externs are expected to participate in clinic activities in person, opportunities for onsite telehealth service delivery is available. The Milford clinic is located in a rural community in Southern Delaware. As such, the Milford extern has the option of participating in clinical activities through an in person or a hybrid model. Hybrid would consist of 2-3 days per month providing telehealth services remotely, and 1-2 days per month providing in person services. Opportunities may be available to connect with other on-site trainees. In the Seaford clinic, externs may participate in clinical services in person, remotely, or through a hybrid model. To provide the best training experience in integrated primary care, we recommend the Seaford extern participate in some form of in person training either through the Seaford clinic or another in person rotation with Nemours. In Seaford, Spanish speaking bilingual supervision opportunities are available along with the opportunity to participate in Quality Improvement projects surrounding ADHD screening.

Locations and days in which specific rotations are available are listed below. Fourth year students and above are encouraged to apply. Rotations can be combined with others to create a 2-day placement. Four to five hours of intervention experience can be expected per week with additional opportunities for brief assessment, shadowing and consultation. Preferred start date is July 2023.



Day Available: Thursday
Supervisor: Leah Orchinik, PhD


Days Available: Monday or Thursday
Kathryn, Hoffses, PhD (Thursday)
Leah Orchinik, PhD (Monday)


Day Available: Monday or Wednesday
Supervisor: Rukiya Moraga, PhD


Day Available: Monday or Thursday (preferred)
Supervisor: Allen Garcia, PhD

Evaluation Rotation

Neuropsychological Assessment

This rotation involves completion of neuropsychological testing with children and adolescents presenting with neurocognitive or neurobehavioral difficulties associated with medical, neurodevelopmental or genetic disorders. Test batteries typically include measures of intellectual functioning, attention, memory, language, executive functioning and psychosocial functioning. Externs will assist with test selection and planning, test administration, scoring and report-writing, as well as observing feedback sessions with families. Individual supervision will occur weekly and cover test administration issues, case conceptualization with regards to neuroanatomy and development, and discussion of differential diagnoses. An expectation to participate in didactic experience is also part of this rotation.

This rotation requires two days per week and can occur Monday/Tuesday or Tuesday/Wednesday. One day will involve in person testing and will occur at our Rockland facility in Wilmington, DE. The other day can involve telehealth visits as well as remote work/writing time. The clinical case material, supervision and didactics that comprise this experience are designed to provide a broad introduction to pediatric neuropsychology and to prepare the extern for further training in the area of neuropsychology. Third year students and above are encouraged to apply, previous testing experience with children and adolescents is preferred. Preferred date start is July 2023.

Supervisors: Danielle Bosenbark, PhD.

About Our Hospital in Delaware

The Nemours Children’s Hospital, Delaware is a multispecialty, tertiary care teaching institution located on a 300-acre estate in the scenic Brandywine Valley in Wilmington, Del.

Among the hospital’s amenities for all staff are:

  • Free parking
  • Park-like setting
  • Gym/fitness center
  • On-site child care center for children of staff
  • Massage therapy

Living in Delaware Valley

Because of our location in the tri-state area of Delaware, New Jersey and Pennsylvania, we offer unique living/working opportunities. For example, you can choose to live in the downtown Philadelphia area and easily commute to our park-like hospital campus in Wilmington.

Explore Wilmington

Nemours Children’s Hospital, Delaware is located in Wilmington, Del., about 30 minutes from center city Philadelphia, and an easy drive to Baltimore, Lancaster County, Pa. (“Amish Country”), and the beaches in Atlantic City and Delaware. There is much to do in and around the city, including mansion and garden tours, museums, breweries, wineries, fine restaurants and numerous state parks.

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Philadelphia is the sixth largest metropolitan area in the United States and offers a wealth of historical, cultural and recreational opportunities. From world-class museums to its professional sports teams to the colorful, bustling districts of South Street, Chinatown and the Italian Market, Philadelphia has something for everyone.

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Train With Recognized Leaders

If you’re looking for a rewarding program built on academic excellence and family-centered care, Nemours offers outstanding medical, surgical, pharmacy, nursing, therapy and psychology programs. Train with faculty who are respected leaders in their fields, a patient care model that stands apart and access to groundbreaking research. 

Meet Our Clinical Leadership

Kathryn Ellen Woods Hoffses, PhD

Director, Psychology Externship Program

Staff Psychologist, Division of Pediatric Behavioral Health, Department of Pediatrics, Nemours Children’s Hospital, Delaware

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Application Requirements

Deadline: January 20, 2023

All applications materials must be submitted as one PDF packet through PENDELDOT Application Portal

1. Nemours Psychology Externship Application Form

2. PENDELDOT Psychology Externship Application Cover Sheet

3. Cover Letter

4. Curriculum Vitae

5. Two Letters of Recommendation (letters can be included in application packet, writers can also submit directly to Dr. Hoffses, if needed)

6. Sample Diagnostic Evaluation Report (only required for Neuropsychology Assessment Rotation. Please remove all identifying information)

Questions About Applying?

Kathryn Hoffses, PhD
Director of Externship Training, Division of Behavioral Health
(302) 651-4500
(email is the preferred method of contact)