Georgianna: Liver Transplant

At 2 years old, Georgianna (Georgie) was diagnosed with hepatic angiosarcoma, a rare form of liver cancer. The Nemours Children's liver transplant team, led by Stephen Dunn, MD, worked with Georgie’s family and the oncology team to make sure a liver transplant would mean the end of cancer for this sweet girl. 

Because livers regenerate, people can donate pieces of their liver to grow in the recipient’s body. Georgie’s aunt donated a piece of her liver without a second thought. After Georgie’s liver transplant, she only needed two more rounds of chemotherapy. Four years later, this strong, happy 6-year-old is enjoying the childhood she almost didn't have. She loves going to school every day, meeting new people, and has even taken up dance and gymnastics. Most importantly, she’s cancer-free.