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Craniofacial abnormalities are birth defects of the face or head. Some of these conditions, like cleft lip and palate, are among the most common birth defects. Others are very rare. At Nemours Children's, our expert cleft and craniofacial teams can provide advanced, life-changing care. Our goal is to help your child look and function as normally as possible — and feel good about themselves as they grow.

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At Nemours, we offer the latest advances in craniofacial and maxillofacial surgery, including minimally invasive endoscopic-assisted procedures when appropriate. These operations use smaller incisions, which means less scarring, less pain, less bleeding and a faster recovery for kids.

Children with a craniofacial condition often have to deal with social and/or emotional challenges too. We understand the impact this can have on your child’s confidence. That’s why a large part of our program is devoted to helping kids feel better about themselves. We’ll partner with you and your family, offering support and guidance throughout your child’s growth and development. We want to help your child feel better on the outside and the inside.

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