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The “upper extremity” is every part of the arm, from the shoulder to the fingertips. Problems of the upper extremities may also involve the muscles and bones that attach the arm to the rib cage, including the collarbone and shoulder blade. Wrist, elbow, shoulder and hand disorders and differences can have many causes, including injuries, medical conditions or conditions present at birth. No matter what the cause, at Nemours Children's our surgeons, physical therapists and other specialists are here to give your child complete, caring treatment at every step.

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Nemours has one of the largest and most widely respected pediatric orthopedics programs in the United States — and the world. Our world-renowned pediatric orthopedic surgeons have special training in hand, upper extremity and microvascular surgery (operations on very small blood vessels). This allows us to provide the most precise advice and treatment.

Our team of Nemours experts uses the most advanced techniques available to make sure your child receives the best possible treatment with the fewest complications. And we’ll work with your family to create a personalized care plan, with options that can range from simple observation and casting to surgery and rehabilitation.

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