Microtia & Ear Reconstruction

Setting the Standard for Microtia Care

Children with microtia are born with a small or missing ear. As one of only a few centers in the country dedicated to treating children with this condition, our Nemours Children’s Ear, Hearing & Communication Center provides world-class, coordinated care. We offer several microtia surgeries and work with you to decide the best option for your child.

Our plastic surgeons are highly skilled and use the most advanced surgical techniques. Your child also receives care from different specialists from across Nemours Children’s to address other medical or support needs.

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Microtia & Ear Reconstruction

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Expert Microtia Treatment From a Dedicated Team

We help restore children’s ear shape and hearing so your kids can grow into confident young individuals and feel “whole again.”

We have a multispecialty team ready to help

Whether your child needs custom-fitted eyeglasses, speech therapy, or hearing restoration with hearing aids or cochlear implants, we’re here for you. Our social workers are also available to provide emotional support, counseling and resource assistance.

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We have many pediatric specialists and locations — Find a microtia specialist near you:

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Leading the Way in Treating Children With Microtia


Specialties on our team


Approximate number of babies born in the U.S. each year with microtia


Age at which most children can have ear reconstruction surgery

Through recovery and beyond. Microtia repair surgery may proceed in multiple phases, months apart. We follow your child closely until they reach an age where they can transfer care to an adult provider.

We use state-of-the-art surgical techniques. Our surgeons use the latest procedures and devices for ear reconstruction. We also use 3-D photography, 3-D printing and augmented reality to assist with surgical planning, guidance and assessment.

We are defining microtia care for future patients. As an extremely active research program, we’re working to investigate innovative solutions and better understand genetic conditions that affect the ears and how to treat them.