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Hydrocephalus (pronounced “hi-droh-SEF-eh-less”) is a condition that makes extra spinal fluid build up in the hollow areas around the brain, causing pressure and swelling in the head. Often called “water on the brain,” hydrocephalus can be congenital (present at birth) or acquired (occur over time). It can happen to a child at any age, even a fetus growing in the womb. Although the cause isn’t always known, it usually happens due to a medical problem so it’s important to diagnose it as soon as possible. At Nemours Children's, our goal is to treat the urgent symptoms, and find the reason for the hydrocephalus. Then we work together to make a plan for your child’s long-term health and development.  

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Hydrocephalus is probably the most common reason for neurosurgery in children. At Nemours, our highly skilled neurosurgeons are experienced in performing endoscopic (minimally invasive) surgery for smaller incisions and faster healing. For the longer term, whether your child needs more operations or has other developmental needs as they grow, our experts use proven treatments to address your child’s immediate needs, and then develop a plan for further care.

We also offer:

  • World-class facilities featuring the most advanced diagnostic techniques and equipment 
  • Customized treatment plans based on research and commonly accepted best care practices
  • Fully equipped neurosurgery operating rooms
  • Innovative surgical techniques that minimize surgery risks, recovery time and pain

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