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Down syndrome is caused by the presence of an extra chromosome. Chromosomes are made up of genes that determine all the traits about your child. Children usually get 23 pairs of chromosomes from their parents. Kids with Down syndrome are born with an extra copy or fragment of chromosome 21 (which is why Down syndrome is also called “trisomy 21”).

This extra chromosome can cause delays in physical and mental development. But that doesn’t mean your child can’t live life to the fullest — especially when you have the right care team in your corner. Each child with Down syndrome is special and has unique needs. That’s why our specialists at Nemours work together — so your child can get all the care they need, all in one place.

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Why Choose Us

We provide the many Down syndrome specialists and resources you and your family may need. That includes:

  • Ongoing follow-up care to prevent and address other conditions that may come with Down syndrome (like low muscle tone, pulmonary hypertension, and hearing or vision problems)
  • Social, emotional and psychosocial (psychological and social) support for your child and family
  • Help with insurance, transportation and other concerns outside of the hospital

Families also have access to the Nemours Cardiac Centers (in Delaware and Florida). Heart conditions are more common in kids with Down syndrome, so this is a vital service. Our cardiology and heart surgery teams work with our on-site Down syndrome specialists to evaluate and regularly monitor children for congenital (present at birth) heart defects. With early diagnosis and advanced treatment, we can do a lot to protect your child’s heart now and in the future.

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