Ear, Hearing & Communication Center in Central Florida

Ear, Hearing & Communication Center in Central Florida

Expert Care and Reconstruction for Kids with Ear Differences

When a child is born without a fully formed ear, it can affect more than just their hearing and appearance. As a comprehensive ear rehabilitation center, we help kids with outer ear reconstruction care you can see, and other important issues along the way — such as improving speech, custom-fitted glasses or hearing restoration through cochlear implants

At our Nemours Children’s Ear, Hearing & Communication Center, our experience includes all kinds of ear conditions — what we call ear differences — including microtia, aural atresia and hearing loss. We’re the only center in Central Florida and one of just a few in the country dedicated to the care of these kids. And through advanced treatments and extensive support, our specialists help your child develop the confidence they need as they grow. 

Our team of experts ensures your child receives the care they need in one place, at one time. It includes care from multiple specialties coordinated by the:

  • Nemours Children’s Interdisciplinary Center for EAr Reconstruction (N.I.C.EA.R.)
  • Nemours Children’s Hearing Enhancement, Augmentation and Restoration (N.H.E.A.R) Program

Why Choose Us

Our team has provided comprehensive ear care and surgical treatment to hundreds of children (including kids with complex medical needs) from their first year up to adulthood.

We offer a wide range of ear reconstruction options based on your child's condition and preference.

Our team has designed and currently uses innovative strategies for ear reconstruction.

Beyond surgery, our cochlear implant programs provide long-term support to patient families.

Ear Reconstruction Care at Nemours

We have many pediatric specialists and locations — Find an ear reconstruction specialist near you:

Conditions & Treatments

We treat all kinds of external and internal ear differences. Don’t see a condition listed? Call us.

Our Leadership

Angelo Leto Barone, MD

Co-Director, Nemours Children’s Ear, Hearing and Communication Center
Director, Nemours Children's Interdisciplinary Center for EAr Reconstruction (NICEAR)

Dr. Leto Barone is a board-certified plastic surgeon specializing in craniofacial and pediatric plastic surgery. His scope of work includes a range of pediatric conditions and facial differences with a special interest in ear reconstruction, especially in microtia patients. He has developed and patented a device to aid in crafting cartilage during these procedures. His additional focus includes cleft care, speech surgery, and the entire spectrum of pediatric plastic surgery.

Portrait of Angelo Leto Barone, MD
Portrait of Cedric Pritchett, MD

Cedric Pritchett, MD

Co-Director, Nemours Children’s Ear, Hearing and Communication Center
Director, Nemours Children's Hearing Enhancement, Augmentation and Restoration Program (NHEAR)

Dr. Pritchett is a pediatric otolaryngologist-head & neck surgeon. His practice includes a range of pediatric ear, nose and throat (or “ENT”) conditions with particular interest in pediatric otology and hearing loss. He's a cochlear implant surgeon and associate professor of otolaryngology at the University of Central Florida College of Medicine.

Plan a visit to our center

Plan a visit to our center located at Nemours Children's Hospital, Florida in Orlando. Or see one of our Ear, Hearing & Communication specialists throughout Florida.

Hearing, communication specialist  interacting with a female child

Defining care for future patients

As an extremely active research program, we’re working to investigate innovative solutions and better understand genetic conditions that affect the ears and how to treat them.

A Coordinated Approach to Treat the Whole Child's Health

Children with ear differences can have a wide range of problems depending on their condition. Our multispecialty team meets often to review next steps. We work together to develop treatment approaches to meet each child’s unique needs. Your child’s plan may include the following:

  • Plastic surgery to treat ear differences using advanced surgical techniques 
  • Ear, nose and throat or “ENT” (otolaryngology) to diagnose middle ear problems and provide reconstruction and hearing restoration surgeries (including cochlear implants)
  • Audiology to measure and treat hearing loss
  • Genetic testing and counseling to look for a genetic (inherited) cause of an ear difference and help you understand how your family may be affected
  • Ophthalmology to treat eye disorders that may also occur in children with ear differences 
  • Optometry to make glasses your child can wear while they’re waiting for ear reconstruction
  • Psychology to help your child if they experience emotional problems
  • 3-D photography to help plan and track your child’s progress during treatment 
  • Speech and language therapy to evaluate and treat speech problems (English and Spanish)
  • Support services such as social work, interpreter services and school resources
  • Child Life program offers kid-friendly activities to reduce fears and help your child prepare for surgery