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Pediatric short bowel syndrome is the most common cause of intestinal failure in children. It happens when half or more of the small intestine is missing. At Nemours Children's, our team of specialists work together to combine the latest surgical approaches with nutritional expertise to help kids with short bowel syndrome (also known as “short gut syndrome”). We provide coordinated, family-centered care that’s focused on relieving short bowel symptoms, restoring bowel function, and helping your child be as healthy and independent as possible.

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At Nemours, we do everything in our power to help your child gain maximum independence. Your child’s top-notch short bowel care team, depending on the location you visit and your child’s condition, may include:

We all work together to evaluate your child, address their nutritional needs, diagnose what’s causing short bowel syndrome, and develop a treatment plan specific to your child. And we’re here for your family for the long run — providing full-service clinical care, as well as compassionate support and help in finding community resources to help your child grow up healthy.

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