Spine & Scoliosis Center, Delaware Valley

Spine & Scoliosis Center, Delaware Valley

Leading Spinal Care for Kids and Teens

Every year we help more than 3,000 kids who have curves in their spine like scoliosis.

Scoliosis and other spine conditions can cause health problems. They can also affect how children feel about themselves. For kids with conditions that affect the nerves and muscles, severe spinal curvatures can limit movement even more.

The Spine and Scoliosis Center at Nemours Children’s Hospital, Delaware is part of one of largest, most respected pediatric orthopedic practices in the country. In fact, we’re ranked among the best in the country.

Families come from all over the world to meet with our doctors. We’re one of the few hospitals in the nation to offer a less invasive scoliosis surgery for some children. That means smaller incisions (cuts) and a shorter hospital stay than traditional spinal surgery. We also lead the way in research on correcting severe spine problems.

We’ve devoted our careers to helping kids achieve their dreams, whatever they might be.

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Portrait of Suken Shah, MD

Featured Doctor

Dr. Suken A. Shah is the Shands/MacEwen Chair of the Department of Orthopedic Surgery and the division chief of the Nemours Spine and Scoliosis Center. He serves as Professor of Orthopedic Surgery and Pediatrics at Sidney Kimmel Medical College of Thomas Jefferson University. As a pediatric orthopedic surgeon at Nemours Children’s Hospital, Delaware for more than 20 years, he is an innovator, researcher and key opinion leader in the field of spinal deformity surgery, with more than 200 research publications and 30 book chapters. 

Dr. Shah also serves as Vice President of the Scoliosis Research Society, President of Setting Scoliosis Straight Foundation and is a member of the Medical and Scientific Board of the National Spine Health Foundation. 

Conditions & Treatments

We see a wide range of conditions — far too many to list here. The conditions we treat vary depending on the location and providers selected. Don’t see a condition listed? Call us. 

Top-Ranked Scoliosis and Spine Care for Children

Nemours has one of the oldest pediatric orthopedic programs in the country. We see more kids with complex spinal conditions than nearly anyone else.


Children treated for spine conditions each year


Doctors on our team with scoliosis expertise

We’re the inventors of the Wilmington scoliosis brace. Now used everywhere, this brace is created specifically to fit each patient.

We offer minimally invasive scoliosis surgery. We’re also one of only a few hospitals nationwide to offer video-assisted thoracoscopic anterior spine fusion (VATS). It uses smaller incisions (cuts) and means a shorter hospital stay than traditional spinal surgery.

We’re experts at managing pain, scars and fears. We use plastic surgery techniques to help kids heal and feel better about themselves and their bodies. We also have advanced ways to manage pain and discomfort and keep side effects to a minimum.

We offer all the support families need. We have classes for patients and families before every surgery and offer support and rehabilitation after surgery. You’ll always know exactly what to expect.

Learn More From the Experts

With KidsHealth.org, Nemours has created one of the nation’s leading sources of orthopedic education for families. The scoliosis content created by the Spine & Scoliosis Center’s experts is used by children’s hospitals all over the country.

Male patient in the hospital in a wheelchair and wearing a halo brace after having spine surgery, talking with surgeon and smiling