Urologic Surgery

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Surgery for children is different from surgery for adults, especially urologic surgery which involves a child’s reproductive system and urinary tract. That’s why our surgical teams include highly trained pediatric specialists who are sensitive to the physical and emotional needs of children. We use the latest minimally invasive treatments and techniques that help kids heal faster and get back to their lives sooner.

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Nemours pediatric urologists are board-certified specialists who perform a variety of state-of-the-art surgical interventions for urologic conditions such as pyeloplasty in infants.

Our surgeons perform a wide range of procedures, including:
  • pediatric pyeloplasty (correction of kidney obstruction in children)
  • hydrocele surgery and hernia repair
  • hypospadias repair
  • varicocele correction
  • orchiectomy (removal of testis) and orchidopexy (fastening of an undescended testis inside the scrotum)
  • partial and total nephrectomy (kidney removal)
  • bladder augmentation (increasing the size of the bladder)
  • extrophy repair (closure of the bladder)
  • genital reconstructive surgery
  • circumcision
  • correction of disorders of sexual differentiation (ambiguous genitalia)
Minimally Invasive Surgical Expertise

Nemours urologic surgeons perform a number of minimally invasive procedures, which use smaller incisions or a child’s natural openings – resulting in less scarring, a faster healing time, fewer infections, and
less pain.

Depending on the specific procedure and the location where your child receives care, minimally invasive procedures available may include laparoscopic techniques (the use of a scope and sometimes other instruments to diagnose, inspect, and/or treat a problem) and robotic-
assisted laparoscopic surgery (in which surgeons use a robot to assist
in performing very precise movements through small openings or ports in
the body).