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Well Beyond Medicine

Up to 80% of the impacts on children’s health take place outside medical settings. It’s time to improve their world, not just ours.

Supporting Children’s Health Everywhere

At Nemours Children’s Health, we believe in supporting each child’s whole health — the social, economic, behavioral and environmental factors that also affect their lives. To do that, we’re not just thinking differently, we’re doing differently. Expanding on our clinical expertise, we’re transforming children’s health in four strategic areas:

  1. Understanding our community
  2. Creating children’s health programs
  3. Partnering with community organizations
  4. Reforming health payments and other policies

Understanding Social Determinants of Health

Social determinants of health include all the circumstances that affect well-being. Where children live, learn and play all have a direct effect. To improve health and address disparities, we need to know our communities.

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Improving Children’s Health Through Leadership

Building on the Nemours Children’s legacy, we’re on a quest to improve all aspects of children’s health. Our president and CEO, Dr. Larry Moss, regularly writes and speaks about how we can accomplish that goal. We want so much more for children than to recover from illness — we want them to not get sick in the first place.

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