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Cardiac Center, Delaware Valley

Partnering for a Child’s Best Possible Care

Nemours offers the full range of cardiovascular care for kids and adults up to age 40. Since the late 1990’s, we’ve built an integrated, multidisciplinary program upon excellence in clinical care, research and innovation. Many on our team have worked together for years, following the same children through adulthood.

We're educators and leaders in national and international associations in cardiothoracic surgery, echocardiography, fetal cardiology, cardiac neurodevelopment, preventive cardiology, and more, we help establish the framework for pediatric heart care. We partner with health providers, students and researchers to move the field forward.

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We have many pediatric cardiac care physicians and locations — find the care closest to you:

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Physicians from around the world look to us for expertise in rare and complex pediatric cardiovascular diseases. We’re here as a source for information, a sounding board for treatment planning and a second set of eyes when you need us most.

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Your Cardiac Center Physician Liaison

Meriem Aberra, MBA

Operations & Outreach Director
Cardiac Center, Delaware Valley

Office: (302) 651-6670

Cell: (302) 290-6219


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